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Google Chrome Constantly Freezing


I am an IT engineer at my office and am having an issue with my laptop and Google Chrome. I have run numerous checks an tests to come up empty handed with a solution. 

Ok so the problem I am faced is the Google Chrome on my laptop, either Enterprise or Standalone, constantly freezes and is really annoying. It is not crashing, it will just freeze during mid-load, or mid-scroll and you are stuck waiting. I have checked everything with the machine and everything is still working properly. When Google Chrome is frozen, the system is responding just fine.

The laptop is new, there is nothing weird installed or configured. Google Chrome used to run just fine on here before. I have uninstalled Google Chrome, installed the latest version, installed an older version. I have even gone so far as to scrub the machine of any traces of Google Chrome. Still this is the only program that is affected. I have tried disabling and removed add-ons, and extensions. Nothing resolves this issue. 

Please assist,

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Benjamin Perlmutter

Hello hp600 - Welcome to the Chrome Help Forum!

I recommend you try some of these troubleshooting steps, hopefully they help:

First, Clear cache and cookies and ensure Chrome is up-to-date. 

Try browsing in incognito mode, Are the issues still there? If not then, check that extensions are disabled under chrome://extensions

Disable unused plugins under chrome://plugins 

Disable "Use hardware acceleration" Menu, Settings, Show Advanced Settings, System

Update Graphics Card drivers

Use the default theme in Chrome  Settings, Appearance, Reset to default theme

Reset your browser settings.

Also try Chrome Canary to see if the issue exists there as well.

Let us know your results or if you have questions.


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Benjamin Perlmutter
hp600  - Hi I haven't heard back from you so I just wanted to check in, did the links and info I posted above help with the freezing?

Gerank Fok
Gerank Fok
I'm having a very similar if not exact problem. I've written about it here first https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/544870-chrome-freezing-spontanously/
Chrome just stops suddenly for roughly 4-5 seconds, I can't scroll, half the time I can't switch tabs. CPU usage only spikes up to 12% during a lag spike and RAM usage doesn't move, at roughly 4 out of 8 gigs used. This problem is isolated in Chrome as I can still click on other things on my PC like iTunes
I've tried tons of stuff including:
Restarting my PC
Deleting cache (not history)
Reinstalling chrome
Updating chrome to the very latest version
I've removed 2 of my adblocks and 2 or 3 more extensions
Tried chrome with and without hardware acceleration

This problem started in the past 1 or 2 weeks. This is really bugging me, I'm hoping this isn't a problem on my end similar to the way Youtube forced users to watch ads if they used an adblock back in Sep 2015
Since the last update (Feb.9) Chrome has been very unresponsive, freezing, unable to scroll, and even unable to close the pages or tabs.  I had not had any of those problems before with Chrome.  At the same time there was a flash update for IE and FF, which I did.  I am not having the same problems with either of the other two browsers, just Chrome.  Just for laughs I tried incognito and ended up with the same stuttering browser. 

Actually I might have started having the problems sooner, but I attributed it to another beta program I was trying (Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware).  It had caused some crashes, but I did a complete uninstall with Revo Pro, and Chrome's problems still persist.  Most of what I had blamed on MBAR was most likely Chrome. 

My computer is running Windows 7 pro/64.
Gerank Fok
Gerank Fok
When you use IE and FF, do you have the same stuttering problem?

When Chrome is unresponsive,
How long does it last?
How frequent are these lag spikes?
Do you have the same problem on other computers such as secondary PCs, family, or school PCs? (For me, I've had this problem once on a core 2 duo college PC)
Are other things in Windows still very non-responsive during one of Chrome's lag spikes?

The ChromeCast Update released today seems to fix the bug. I don't see my bug listed in the patch notes but I guess it was linked to one of the fixes they made. Seems to be working again. At least for now. 

Never mind. Worked for 5 minutes then back to it's usual constantly freezing. Started a new post just for my specific issue. 
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