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Quicktime doesn't work in Google Chrome - missing plugin, although Quicktime already installed and works in IE8

I'm having trouble watching videos online in Quicktime format with Google Chrome, and always get the error message of a missing plugin and that I need to install Quicktime, although I have it already installed on my PC, and it works just fine with IE8. Anyone else have this problem too? Any solution to solve this?
Google Chrome version
OS - Windows XP pro SP3
Thanks in advance
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similar problem. i tried to watch a video on apple homepage, but it says: quick time failed to initalize. error # 0. Please make sure quick time is propely installed on this computer. :/
I have the same issue - it also applies to Firefox and never been able to fix - Quicktime is properly installed and works fine with IE. I suspect it's a setting somewhere in windows but haven't a clue where to look - using win xp pro SP3 (if that helps any)
Silver Lion
Silver Lion
Same problem here with Windows 7 Home. Have installed and uninstall about 5 times and nothing works. No problems with IE8 and Firefox, only Chrome. Still searching for a solution or I give up on Chrome.
I have the same problem. I recently upgraded Quicktime to 7.6.5 (1327.80) and the problem started. When I try to update the plugin, the installer tells me that since the installed version of QT is newer than the plugin, it cannot install it. Looks like someone is not keeping up.
WinXp Pro SP3
BTW, I see the same problem on Firefox 3.6.
Sound seems to work. Video does not. :-/
I think had the same issue on Mac and the solution for me was to disable QuickTime plugin in chrome://plugins. Strange, but videos play fine now.
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