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Important: Updates on Chrome Extensions

Extensions are a great way to enhance the browsing experience; whether you want to quickly post to social networks or to stay up to date with your favorite sports teams.  Some extensions come bundled with others, which causes Chrome to ask whether you want to install them (or not). However, bad actors have abused this mechanism, bypassing the prompt to silently install malicious extensions that can override browser settings and alter the user experience in undesired ways.  In fact, this is a leading cause of complaints from our users and a common topic here in the forum.

Since these malicious extensions are not hosted on the Chrome Web Store, it’s difficult to limit the damage they can cause. This is why we announced in November that as part of our continuing security efforts,, all extensions for Windows users must be hosted in the Chrome Web Store.  A couple of FAQs:

What will happen to my non-web store extensions?

With this change, these extensions will be automatically disabled in your extension list, and can be completely removed by visiting your extensions list (you can access this by typing chrome://extensions in your omnibox).

What if I think an extension was disabled incorrectly?

If you feel an extension was incorrectly disabled, start first by checking if it can be enabled in your extension list and the Chrome Store. If not, please let us know below. You should also contact the extension manager so they are aware.

I’m an extension developer, what do I do?

If your extensions are currently hosted outside the Chrome Web Store you should migrate them as soon as possible. You can learn more from our Developers FAQ.

Why isn't this change optional?

In an ideal world, we would love to give our users total control over installing extensions from off web store.  However, on desktop operating systems, we don't have a way to protect such a setting from being automatically modified by malicious software.  Any option that a user could set could also be set by such a program. Given this, the only way to protect against this bad software is to restrict items to the Chrome Web Store.

What if I want to run non-web store extensions?

Advanced users can continue to use our Dev & Canary channels to run any extension. Please note that these channels are updated very regularly, and may contain features and bug fixes that are actively being developed.

Got questions? Please let us know them below. To keep up with the technical updates to Chrome, please read the Chromium Blog.

UPDATE June 12:

Hello, We’d like to provide update and address some of your questions:

Kaspersky plugin:  Kaspersky plugins that existed outside of the Chrome web store have been disabled because they have developed a web store version of their extension, called Kaspersky Protection. You can learn more on their blog post and support page. All of the old Kaspersky extensions have been rolled into one package since the last update and you can access it via the web store.

Disabled extensions: If you have an extension that was disabled and would like to request it be added to the web store, please contact the extension developer directly (or see alternatives listed above). Extension developers were informed in November 2013 of this policy change, and are in control of the location of their extension.

Chrome web store fee: There is a one time $5 fee for developers to make their extension available in the web store. This is to prevent spam and fraudulent extensions from being made available in the web store.

If you have a question about extensions please search our forums for a more relevant post or start a new thread so someone from the Chrome team can help you!!

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Why not allow these extensions also in beta channel?

Adobe PDF and F-Secure Online Safety extensions were disabled by this change. 
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HI hvihavai,

Can you try the steps I listed above referring to "What if I think an extension was disabled incorrectly?" and let me know how it goes? You may also want to reach out to both of those companies to check if they are infact in the webstore.

Thanks, Sarah
Kev I.
Kev I.
If Google want us to publish app into their Web Store, stop micro managing policy on the dev. This is why they are working their way off the store as Third Party situation. The policy was too strict.
These extensions are installed as a part of the programs, Adobe Acrobat Pro XI and F-Secure Internet Security 2014
They have not been installed from web store. And they are not yet in the store.

Surely this is not a end user problem, the problem is between Google and well-known software companies. 

So I can say goodbye to my beloved "Tab Menu" extension? Originally created by a member of the Chromium team, but was subsequently removed from the Chrome store. I have (luckily) kept the .crx to install it on my other computers. What am I to replace this functionality with? :( 
993 MORE
Easiest workaround is just to drag and drop the .crx file onto your extension page.
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