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How to disable Google Chrome Notification System Tray Icon (new for latest vers)

Once again the geniuses at Google have decided that we need another unwanted feature forced on us: the notification icon. Previously, you could disable the icon completely by disabling Rich Notifications in the chrome://flags page. However, that option has been ripped out and the notification icon has returned to the system tray.

In order to really disable the notification icon, go to chrome://flags, then do a Ctrl+F find for "notification". For every chrome flag with the word notification in it, change the setting to Disabled. Chrome will prompt you to restart. After you do, verify that the notification icon no longer appears in your system tray by going to a HTML5 notification demo page, such as http://www.html5rocks.com/en/tutorials/notifications/quick/ and try to make the demo work. It should silently fail.

I cannot express how incredibly disappointed I am that Google keeps making these kinds of decisions with their products. The notification icon is a useless bloated feature that needs to go away. At the very least, let users keep some control over our browser by giving us an official setting to disable it.


Tested against Version 35.0.1916.114 m
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Stacee B.
Stacee B.
Hey jfjason,

Thank you so much for contributing to the Google Chrome Forum, we welcome all community feedback from our users. I apologize that you are frustrated by the notification icon on Google Chrome. We will definitely take your feedback into consideration, we are always striving to improve the Chrome user experience and we appreciate your contribution.

I hope you have a wonderful day!

Google user
Google user
Totally agree with OP. I do not want Google adding things to my menubar. 

When I'm at work, google keeps "helpfully" saving my sign-in. I don't want this info on a computer that gets shared by anyone and everyone, and every time I have to delete it. Incredibly frustrating and potentially a security problem. 

Google, please stop automatically doing "helpful" things for me! I don't have the time to keep undoing them. 
Stacee B.
Stacee B.
Hi creno,

Thank you for your additional feedback. You do have the option to turn off autofill in Chrome, thought you may be interested in looking to this.

Have a wonderful day!

Agreed.  Stop forcing stuff on us by default, Google.  Or at least make it an option in the settings.

Seriously considering switching to a different browser.
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Sorry, after a day and a half the Chrome - Notifications system tray icon is back even after turning off all notification related flags.

If Chrome cannot respect my preferences as a user, then Chrome doesn't need to be my browser. I have switched back to Firefox.
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Negeen E.
Negeen E.
Hey Guys!

Follow these here steps to disable your notifications (latest version)!

To access notification settings on Windows or Mac:
  1. Open Chrome, In the upper right corner of the browser window, click the Chrome menu Chrome menu.
  2. Click Settings > Show advanced settings (bottom of the settings page).
  3. In the "Privacy" section, click Content settings.
  4. In the dialog that appears, go to "Notifications" and choose one of the following:
    • Allow all sites to show notifications: You’ll automatically see notifications from all websites.
    • Ask when a site wants to show notifications: You’ll get an alert from Chrome whenever a site wants to show you notifications. This is the default setting.
    • Do not allow any site to show notifications: You won’t see any notifications from websites.

You can also block any sites, apps, and extensions that already have permission to send you notifications. Just click Manage exceptions.

Expand the notification area on Windows

If you’re using Windows, you might not see the notification icon . To see notifications:

  1. Open Chrome.
  2. Go to the bottom right corner of your screen and click the up arrow.
  3. Click the notification icon .
To disable notifications on a Windows device:

  1. In the bottom right corner of your screen, click the up arrow.
  2. Click the notification icon .
  3. Click the gear icon .
  4. Uncheck any website, extension, or app you don’t want notifications from.
To disable notifications on a Mac:
  1. At the top of your screen in the menu bar, click the notification icon .
  2. Click the gear icon .
  3. Uncheck any website, extension or app you don’t want to receive notifications from.
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