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How do I disable "confirm form resubmission" messages

This 'feature' has become a real nuisance, I am coming across the message all the time and wish to disable this function. Having to reload a page when you navigate back to a dynamically generated page is very annoying, because all kinds of pages will trigger the message. (I am smart enough to tell if I am submitting a form twice)
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Its not a bug, but due to Chrome not caching POST. To "disable" it, stop using the back button when you have submitted a form.
The problem is, that during certain activities it is either more convenient then other possible methods, OR it is the only option available. Such as if the site you are on does not provide a means to backtrack.
Shawn (Googler)
Shawn (Googler)
Hey guys,

I provided an update to this issue in the link referenced below. Feel free to chime in there for further discussion.


I am a web developer and am testing a form I'm working on. I tweak the HTML, save it and want to rerun the form. I hit the refresh button, but then get this prompt. I need to be able to disable this prompt, as I refresh many hundreds of times per day sometimes. Is there some way to do this even temporarily?
Still searching for solution to this. It affects my game play on Facebook - I refresh page when I want to do battle, and with this message popping up, I never get in on time. I know you probably don't think that serious, but there are literally, millions playing this mob game. Other browsers afford better F5 page refreshing but none are as fast unfortunately
Perhaps someone can write a chrome extension?
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