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Dave Cutler

IE11 Script Errors with Google Toolbar

When using Google Toolbar on Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 I am deluged with script errors on script-heavy sites.  This started happening a couple of months ago (roughly) and has persisted since. 

I've noticed a number of people posting about this problem in Microsoft's forums.  If you do a search on ' "script errors" IE11 ' and set the date range to October 15th to the present, you'll see quite a few of them.  Sadly, I haven't seen any solutions other than getting rid of the toolbar.  That wasn't acceptable to me since the toolbar is an integral part of my workflow.  I ended up writing a small program that looks for the script error messages and then helpfully closes them without user interaction.  It's a horrible "solution" but I figured that either Google or Microsoft would have fixed the problem by now. 

Has anyone found a better solution to the problem? 


PS  More information....

Stuff I've tried:
  Confirmed that script debugging is disabled and that script error notifications are suppressed in IE's Advanced Settings.  
  Reset IE
  Clean install of Windows 10 w/Google Toolbar

None of these things eliminated the problem.  The only thing that works is to disable (or uninstall) the toolbar, close all instances of IE, and then launch a fresh copy sans toolbar.

Repro steps (assumes you've installed Google Toolbar for IE):
1) Either reboot or close all instances of IE (including orphaned ones visible via the detailed view in the Windows task manager).
2) Go to a site with a lot of scripting -- I test with huffingtonpost.com
3) Get lots of script errors message windows

Interestingly, if I dismiss all of the error windows and then duplicate the tab (right-click current tab ->duplicate tab) the new tab will operate without errors (at least initially).  Odd.

  Windows 10 w/all updates (anecdotal evidence suggest it happens with IE11 on Windows 8.1 but I haven't personally tested)

Product versions:
Internet Explorer 11
Version: 11.20.10586.0
Update Versions: 11.0.26

Google Toolbar
Version: 7.5.6904.2028/en (GGHP)
Notifier Version: 5.12.11510
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bluequoll (Google Search)
bluequoll (Google Search)
Google Toolbar is supported by the Google Chrome team.

I’ll move your question to the Google Chrome Forum for more specialized attention.
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Dave Cutler
FWIW, the problem is still there in

Google Toolbar:
  Version: 7.5.7210.1528/en (GGHP)
  Notifier Version: 5.12.11510.1228\

Kevin Trusheim
Kevin Trusheim
I had the same problem...windows 8.1...IE11.  When added google toolbar....get script errors. 
Tried all settings and resets in Explorer.  Used google Chrome...no script errors.  I new it was not my computer!

I have not yet added google tool bar to IE 11...NO MORE SCRIPT ERRORS.  Now I just load Google home page to favorites, then when want to do a search click on the site via my favorites.
Martin Radcliffe
Martin Radcliffe
I'm getting script errors just looking at this page. I'm using IE 11 on Windows 8.1 and I have Google bar enabled. Google bar causes problems on IE 11 forcing you to use Bing. Google bar doesn't cause problems on Chrome forcing you to use Chrome. If I was of such a mind I would suggest a double conspiracy.
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