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Sheri Sheri

Get rid of weknow.ac redirect for my search engines

How do I get rid of this thing without downloading spyware that may be just as bad as weknow.ac. I've tried looking for odd apps. I've looked at advice on other forums. But, nothing seems to either a) work or b) not be attached to other scammer ways of getting me to download software. I'm concerned because I need my computer and my browsing no longer feels secure. I'm not a very tech-y user. Is there an easy solution for this that I can trust?
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Diana - Community Specialist
Diana - Community Specialist

Hi Sheri,

Thanks for reaching out to the Google Chrome Help Forum.

Could you please let me know if you've followed the steps given in this help article to set your default search engine. Whenever your startup page, homepage, or search engine is suddenly changed or being redirected or if you are unable to change it, then there´s a possibility that you have unwanted software on your device. So, to make sure we eliminate malware from the scenario, please follow the steps given in this help article.

Also, could you please let me know if this happens in the Incognito Mode as well? If that works fine, then temporarily disable your extensions to identify which one is causing the problem. To do this go to chrome://extensions and uncheck Enabled for each extension one by one.

If that doesn't help, reset Chrome settings and see if that works for you. (Your saved bookmarks and passwords won't be cleared or changed.) If the issue still persists, I’d suggest you to create a new user profile by adding a new user on Chrome.

Let me know how it goes.



Ali Vahabzadeh
Ali Vahabzadeh

Hi - I'm having the same issue: I downloaded the malware weknow.ac and have 1) permanently deleted all the bad applications, 2) removed any extensions, 3) paid Reimagine scanner to clean up any remaining malware, Reset to default settings. Still, weknow.ac is the default search engine and it disallows removing it. I've attached 3 screenshots. What else is there left to do, Google? PLEASE HELP!


Hi there! :)

@Sheri Sheri & Ali Vahabzadeh: If you're still annoyed with weknow . ac, you may try the steps below.

To remove weknow . ac redirect from your macOS, try the following steps:

step 1: Go to System Preferences, then check if there's an icon named Profiles

step 2: Look into the AdminPrefs.

step 3: Hit the minus option and delete that bad profile on your Mac. Refer to the below img.

step 4: You'd be able to delete the chum search from your Chrome's "Manage search engine" setting@ chrome://settings/searchEngines.

Step 5: scan yr macOS with Malwarebytes Antimalware + Avast Security for Mac.

Step 6: PLZ HELP report that webknow .ac to to Google SafeBrowsing Team here.


1) please learn how to protect your computer from adware, riskware even malware. (Here's how & case studies.) .

I downloaded an update to Adobe Flash and ended up with this as my default browser www.weknow.

2) @Sheri Sheri & Ali Vahabzadeh: that browser hijacker is accessible. You may try this: hit the Edit button in your post above > locate the webknow .ac > launch the Remove option. Plz refer the following image:

3) please mark the best response - this helps other macOS users fix this webknow. ac attack in no time.


TIA & Best,

S :)

Lama osama
Lama osama
hello! i also have the same problem. ‪i cant change my default search engine. i tried everything and downloaded a bunch of the third party browsers. i also looked up what to do on your help section and nothing seems to work.‬ i opened settings on the defult search engine and i somehow cant press the three dots to remove them. looking forward to your fast reply.

Thx for chiming in.

PLZ HELP report that webknow .ac to to Google SafeBrowsing Team here.

TIA & Best,
S :)
Lori Curtis
Lori Curtis
Try the expert reply.  I suffered for months on my Mac and it worked like a charm.  Look at David King's post.
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