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Allan Bruce

3D secure payment systems always fails in Chrome - for all sites

I have had a problem for a few months now.  Whenever I try to complete transactions that go through "3D secure" to authorise the card details, it always fails when using Chrome.  This happens for any site that uses 3D secure, but if I try and do the same through MS Edge, it all works as expected.  This is not just on a single machine either, it happens on any machine I try. I've tried 4 different ones running Windows 8.1 and 10 with different versions of Chrome but usually the most recent version at the time.

Could the problem be linked to my Google profile perhaps?

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Rochelle - Community Specialist
Rochelle - Community Specialist

Hi Allan,

Thanks for posting in the Google Chrome Help Forum!

As the issue with 3D secure transaction/payments persists across devices, I'd suggest trying the steps below in a sequence to see if that helps:

  • Just to make sure you're using an updated version of Chrome.

  • Eliminate malware from the scenario, please follow the steps from this Help Article.

  • Download and run the Chrome Cleanup Tool to search for suspicious programs and offers to remove them.

  • Does the issue persist in incognito mode? (If it happens with a specific website/web page)

  • If this helps then temporarily disable your extensions to identify which one is causing the rendering problem. To do this go to chrome://extensions and uncheck Enabled for each extension one by one.

  • Clearing cache and cookies can be useful.

  • Disable all the Firewall softwares you have installed / try on different Internet Network Provider.

  • (Backup your bookmarks by exporting them as an html file to your desktop or documents folder or other) then, try resetting the Chrome browser to see if that helps.

Keep me posted.



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