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Re: Everytime I try to go to www.us.army.mil I receive a "SSL connection error". How do I fix this?

I am having the exact same problem - restricted to the www.us.army.mil and corresponding webmail site. The problem seems to be restricted to my labtop, and started recently -
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Google user
I found something online a week or so ago that explained this problem...AKO made an update and we can't open AKO on Google Chrome anymore. Instead, just use Internet Explorer. You'll have to go to settings, Advanced, and under Security 'check' the use TLS 1.0 box. Follow those steps and you should be able to open AKO in IE.
According to SSG Gould (http://www.google.com.au/support/forum/p/Web+Search/thread?tid=08197160d4c2d28f&hl=en) you can change the same settings in Chrome by looking in Options-Under the Hood-Network-Change Proxy Settings. I just checked the 'Use TLS 1.0' box and now everything seems to work fine. Hope this helps you all also.
I don't use a PC, I use a mac. How can I get this to work with either Safari or Firefox?
I also used to be able to access AKO mail via imap to my ipod, but now it just times out. Amazing how the army manages to fuck up everything they can possibly get their hands on.
The response posted by dethen worked great for me. Thanks!!!
I tried dethen's suggestion and it still won't work.
I tried that what dethan put up and it still wont let me in. I am trying to do some distance learning and also my IE and Firefox will not work any help
On 23 June 2010, AKO will convert to using only NIST/NIAP-approved Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption; to ensure access to the Portal after the conversion, it may be necessary to change individual browser settings. Specifically:
Try this:
Only Internet Explorer 6 (or higher) and Mozilla Firefox browsers are supported.
Browsers must be configured to support TLS 1.0.
For Internet Explorer 6 (or higher), go to: Tools > Internet Options> Advanced Tab, scroll down to the Security section and ensure that the Use TLS 1.0 option is checked, then click OK. If this option is not available, please ensure you install the latest updates for Microsoft Internet Explorer.
In Firefox, go to: Tools > Options > Advanced > Encryption and ensure that the Use TLS 1.0 box is checked, then click OK.
i still cant get to work i tried all.
Sorry don't have anymore advice or ideas. I am not even sure if the information I had is still current. I usually end up using something like that until a configuration changes on one end or the other and breaks things. Then it is time to madly google the errors that come up and see if there is a solution yet. Frustrating I realize. But there it is.
I use Google Chrome for everything so hopefully this helps since I had the same problem before. The problem may be your DoD certificate. Just follow the instructions.
Army Community Members
If you have an Army Account type (Full or Sponsored), you can retrieve the DoD Root Certificates within the AKO/DKO portal. Use the following instructions to get the DoD Root certificate from the AKO/DKO portal. Note: The page will bring you to a CAC configuration Page. You do not need to have a CAC or configure your computer with a CAC reader to download the certificates.
Log into AKO/DKO. Note: You do not need the DoD Root Certificate to access AKO/DKO. When you get the certificate message, choose the option that will allow you to continue on anyway.
Click on ‘Quick Links’.
Click on ‘CAC’.
Click on ‘CAC Resource Center’.
Click on Step 3: DoD Certificates under the CAC Installation Quick Start on the left side of the page.
Follow the instructions in the DoD Certificate Information area for Downloading the latest DoD Certificates.

Alternate method of retrieving DoD Root Certificate
Browse to http://militarycac.com
Click on ‘DoD Certificates’.
Click on ‘Download InstallRoot 3.13a’.
Click on Run.
im having trouble sending messages on facebook how do i fix it
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