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Customizable right-click menu

On the right-click menus for images, for example, I personally never use the buttons "Open link in new window", "Open link in incognito window", "Save link as", "Copy link address", "Copy image url" and "Copy image". And there options comprise 60% of the menu. On the other hand I need a "Properties" button (no, "Inspect element", though nice by itself, is not a good substitution) and a "Set image as background" option. "Show image" would also be nice, since sometimes images "stuck" and don't get displayed and I have to open them in a new tab in order to see them.
Other people, however, don't need these options instead of others. So, why not a customizable menu?
That's my general complaint with the whole Chrome - too few options for customization.
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This browser is all about minimalization. If you add a lot of stuff like that then it is no longer fast nor takes up very little space on the screen.

if that happened then it would be just as slow and bulky as the other browsers. You obviously hate the other browsers or you wouldn't be using chrome. So why try to make Chrome as bad as the other browsers?
Yeah, Chrome's design goal was not to be another Firefox (I know, totally not what you were implying, but hear me out). Chrome has a unique niche - one if minimal design.

If you want epic customization, you might be interested in checking-out Opera. You can, quite literally, customize every last toolbar, and menu item. I've heavily tweaked pretty everything to my liking :]
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I don't see how such an option would affect the design. But if that's the case (which I doubt) - here's another suggestion - remove the unnecessary 6 options from the right-click menu and add "Show image", "Save background as" and "Set image as background". The menu would be than 33% smaller and waaay more effective.
Save Images As Desktop Background For Windows Computers

You will have to use this workaround until Google adds this to the right-click menu.

Method #1: Right-click any image and click Save Image As. Save it to your hard drive. Right-click it and click Set As Desktop Background.

Method #2: If you want the background image of a web site as the background image on your Windows Desktop do this. Right-click the page and click on Inspect Element. Click on the Resources Tab. Click on the Images Button. Locate your image in the left frame and click on it. The image will appear in the right frame with some information about it. Right-click the image and click on Save Image As. After saving it right-click it and click on Set As Desktop Background.
Vaskes, I agree with you, a customizable Right Click menu would be good, after all gone are the days of Windows 3.0...
in this age of XP/Vista/Windows7, MacOS X...
we should be able to adjust Minimal Features such as the Right-Click Menu,
I do not understand why Bapabooie thinks that custom options of the right click menu is "epic customization"
such a feature should be by now after 20 years of Windows style OS, a standard feature for advanced users.
and I am sure most people who use Chrome, are advanced users as beginners would still be using the Browser that came with their OS
And I miss Zoom Image In/Out so much! I have it in IE and other browsers for 15 years...
Yes, one can do it with Inspect.. Edit.. etc, but we're talking about usability. And believe me, this function (allowing such light js/hta extensions) won't add 1MB or any performance penalties to Chrome.
Google Chrome is a very good browser, because of all the speed Google Chrome has. But when I build a website, I always use Firefox. Because of all the functions Firefox has. I agree with everyone saying that Google Chrome is a browser that is all about minimalization. And inst meant to be a second Firefox browser. But I think that a lot of people would be glad with more functions, like a right-click menu with more features.
I think that if Google doesn't do anything about this, then a lot of people would go back to Firefox. Especially the new version of Fireofx. (4.0). That is also focused on minimalization. But also has all the good features that Firefox always had.
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