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Adobe Flash Player not working with Chrome - chrome://plugins no longer exists?

Hi guys,

For the past few weeks my Adobe Flash Player mysteriously stopped functioning when using Google Chrome (it's supposed to be built in).
When I check my chrome and my flash player, all are up to date.
I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling both separately to no avail.
I read that it may be a plugin issue online, so I downloaded a plugin extension which also didn't work.

I also noticed that the weblink "chrome://plugins" no longer exists?
Where is the new plugin section... since I can't seem to find it anywhere in Chrome settings.

Is that just something I'm having problems with or is anyone else experiencing the same issue?

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Terence Jackson is asking
Terence Jackson is asking
I'm also having the same problem.
Same problem here. Running Sierra on a mac 10.12.4, did a Chrome uninstall and reinstall and an uninstall and reinstall of Adobe Flash from Adobe..checked for updates. Still getting pop-ups saying Flash isn't installed or I don't have the current Flash. Eerrrrrr! Annoying...
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Hello MelInsanity

Many thanks for your message. And welcome to the Google Chrome Help Forum. 
I'm sorry you're experiencing problems using Chromes Flash Player.

First of all, the Plugin Page has been removed in Chrome 57. To control your Chrome Flash Player, please do this:
  1. Click the Chrome Menu ( ⋮ Icon), then choose Settings > Advanced Settings
  2. In the Privacy Section, choose Content Settings
  3. Click on "Flash"
  4. Check the Settings and make sure Flash is activated

If Flash won't work, please try this: Copy/paste this URL into the Address Bar and press Enter. Then make sure that the Flag is disabled: chrome://flags/#prefer-html-over-flash

Please let me know if this helps. Good luck!
Kind regards, Cat-Friend

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Flash was being "blocked".
I have no idea why or how that happened. 

Thanks for the quick fix!
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Thank you very much for letting me know, MelInsanit, I'm very pleased you could fix it.
Please do not hesitate to ask if you have more questions.

Kind regards, Cat-Friend

Kim, you gave me a boost to look further. Mac's running Sierra 10.12.4 in Chrome (57.0) Preferences go to Settings and do a search for Flash, then click Privacy Settings, then Content settings, then inside the Content settings box there is a scroll bar on the right edge of that box (that scroll bar is often invisible...I think re mouse or trackpad settings). This scroll bar allows you to scroll down below Java to see Flash options. Mac users, click inside that Content box, the screen within the smaller screen, then look for that right edge scroll bar. When my (eyes?) cursor was connected to the larger Chrome page I couldn't scroll below Java inside that Content Settings box to see/discover and click on the Flash options. So, it appeared a dead end. I hadn’t realized there were other options for scrolling down. Duh... I feel like a simpleton to have missed that. Kim, your response was a kindness that lead to relief. Thank you!

This is my first success within a forum search for a tech solution. I apologize for responding to “cat friend" with annoyance.. Mea Culpa! She was right too, I just didn’t know how to get to where she was. Kim's specifics nudged me to look for another way to scroll down. Maybe my details will help another struggling soul out there find relief. 🙏🏽



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