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Disappearing ``Last Session´´ and ``Last Tabs´´ files from Chrome directory


I´m using the most recent stable version of Chrome Version 38.0.2125.111 m  but recently I noticed a problem.  

I usually have my settings set such that if Chrome were to crash or the computer is accidentally turned off, my browsing session would be saved and restored. 
I use a lot of different computers and the settings are the same on all of them and Chrome usually performs as expected with a ``restore´´ option coming up each 
time Chrome was closed unexpectedly. 

However, on my office computer, I noticed Chrome started not restoring browsing sessions after computer crashes.  I checked the directory 

C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default

to make sure everything checked out okay when I noticed two files were conspicuously missing:  the Last Session and Last Tabs files.  I thought this was strange so I decided to uninstall and reinstall Chrome.  The files were present after reinstallation but after a power outage (when the computer turned off suddenly) and trying to restart my browsing session in Chrome I noticed there was no restore option.  Upon investigation, I noticed the original problem had returned.  The Last Session and Last Tabs files were missing from the relevant directory.  

I feel like I´m taking crazy pills, why do these files keep disappearing on their own?  


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Michele M.O.
Michele M.O.
Hi Chris,

Welcome to the Chrome Forum!

Unfortunately, these things sometimes happen, but they're quite common and I'm confident we can find a solution. Let's start by exploring the possibility of malware. 

Please begin with the Google Software Removal Tool and let me know if that changes anything. 

If you see no changes after using this program, please next refer to this Chrome Help Center article that'll help you remove any malware or programs that you don't remember installing.

Once you've uninstalled all suspicious programs, please continue with the instructions on the page and reset your Chrome browser settings. Your bookmarks and passwords will not be changed, but you'll need to re-customize things like your startup page, search engine, and browser theme again.

Please let me know if this helps.



Erin Nwachukwu
Erin Nwachukwu
I had a similar problem. I was using chrome on my android device and it crashed and I lost about 50 tabs! How do I get them back?! I checked my dashboard and I have a bunch of tabs synced, but how do I open these synced tabs?
Michele M.O.
Michele M.O.
Hi Erin,

Thanks for chiming in. Have you seen these instructions for restoring tabs from last session? Please give them a look and let me know if they're helpful.


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