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Questions on The New Tab Page


We've created a new thread to address your questions on the New Tab Page, which you can find here

Here is the update from the new thread:

Thank you for your continued feedback and lively discussion on the New Tab Page update. Your feedback is definitely being shared with the Chrome team.

Our product team is evaluating specific feedback (thanks for raising these concerns!) including:

  • Privacy concerns with the Most Viewed Tiles

  • The size and design of the the Most Viewed Tiles

  • Usability of moving the Recently Closed and Other Devices into the menu

The last major redesign of the New Tab Page was in 2011, so we understand that this was a big change. If the design’s not working for you, there are currently extensions in the Chrome Web Store that will modify the behavior of your New Tab Page, but our team is invested in ensuring that you love your Chrome features and understand why changes are made.

Here are some updates and insights into the UI changes:

  • Moving Apps: By adding Apps to the bookmarks bar, you can now access your Apps page from any tab - you no longer need to open a new tab to access your Apps. We have also introduced the Chrome App Launcher so that you can launch your favorite apps from the desktop. (This is available on Windows now and coming soon to other platforms.) Don't want Apps in your bookmarks bar? Right-click on your bookmarks bar and uncheck "Show apps shortcut".

  • Moving Recently Closed: Your recently closed tabs are still saved - just go to the Menu and select Recent Tabs. You can then restore any recently closed tab from any page, not just the New Tab Page. Note: There is currently a known bug where very recently closed tabs may not show up right away. Please follow this bug for the latest updates!

  • Most Viewed Tiles: These tiles provide quick access to the sites you visit most. Based on user feedback during the beta testing period, we increased the number of tiles from 4 to 8. Wish to remove a tile? Hover over a tile and an X will appear.

  • Other Devices: Synced users can see open tabs on other devices by going to the Menu and selecting Recent Tabs. Tabs open on Other Devices is also under chrome://history/.

  • Return of Google Doodles: If you have Google as your default search engine, you’ll once again see our festive Doodles!

  • Better Search: Our data shows a positive trend - Chrome users are searching with fewer steps than ever with the redesigned New Tab Page. The Chrome and Search teams are working hard to continuously improve your core browsing experience.

As always, we welcome your feedback and input. The team will continue to innovate on the New Tab Page, so please stay tuned!

Best regards,

Melody, Jacky, Div & the Chrome Team

Hello there, Chromies!

We've launched a new version of Chrome and even more of you are now seeing your New Tab Page change (if you want to explore the changes on your own, click here. This includes the changes to Apps, Most Visited, and Recently Closed Tabs).

Your feedback has been noted in past versions, but we wanted to start a new thread for you to share your feedback about this experimental feature in this new version.

So again, what’s changing? Essentially, when you open a New Tab Page and if your default search engine is Google,* you’ll see a search box where you can directly type your search queries and URLs. Why are we doing this? Lots of our users go to the New Tab Page, navigate to a search engine, and then type in the search. We want to cut the middle step and save you some time.

How do I see my apps now? Remember that you still can! You can click on the Apps bookmark in the top right corner of the New Tab Page or you can type chrome://apps in the omnibox, too. Also, if you want to check out Recent Tabs, all you’ll do with this experiment is click Chrome menu button > Recent Tabs. All still there :)

Is there a way to switch back to the old tab page? A few of you have posted that disabling the flag works. We want to set the expectation at this stage of the experiment: it is important to note that using these switches is not supported or recommended. They should only be used for temporary cases and may break in the future (in other words, we want you to know that this flag option may not last).

That’s all folks! Let us know if you have thoughts/feedback/questions about this experiment.


Div & Jacky

Your Chrome Community Managers

*Other default search providers may choose to implement their own versions of this experience.

Community content may not be verified or up-to-date. Learn more.
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I hated this change before and I still hate it. I see nothing at all redeeming about the change and want the old behavior back, even if it is an option and not the default behavior.
Terrible, terrible move.
Google user
Google user
I hate it. I also loved the igoogle home page and you guys took that. I want my old "new tab". It saved the places that I went to the most, plus I liked the way it saved the recently closed tabs. I'm changing to Explorer or something else. Sorry. I want my a page similar to Igoogle (that when I opened it, everything I wanted an update on was there) and I want a page like my Old tab page. If you folks can't do it, I'm sure someone can and when I find them, I'll share my findings with everyone.
Oh, since this is a new thread and bound to attract new users, here is the 'fix' to revert the behavior:
1. Go to chrome://flags
2. Find:
Enable Instant Extended API Mac, Windows, Chrome OS
Enables the Instant Extended API which provides a deeper integration with your default search provider, including a renovated New Tab Page, extracting search query terms in the omnibox, a spruced-up omnibox dropdown and Instant previews of search results as you type in the omnibox.
3. Set it to 'Disabled'.
You'll sacrifice the other features along with the updated New Tab Page, but I think it is worth it to not be punished because some users can't figure out how to use the omnibar. Lowest common denominator BS.
You're joking, right? April fools was over 4 months ago. You were inundated with negative feedback. You were given countless reasons as to why obfuscating currently available menus in the new tab page is anything but user friendly, contrary to your ill-intentions to make things "easier". You know what you could actually implement which other browsers have been doing so for the past century? Opening a new tab with a default homepage set to Google.com. Instead of a friendly feature like this, you instead have "open a specific set or set of pages". Are your developers intentionally breaking functionality and UX just to keep themselves employed?
That's all good and well, but the emergence of this new thread shows they are pushing ahead with this hair brained NTP. Meaning the fix will likely be removed in a future version.

On Wednesday, 21 August 2013 07:48:27 UTC+8, MegaZone_ wrote:
Oh, since this is a new thread and bound to attract new users, here is the 'fix' to revert the behavior:

Perhaps, but at least it still works for now.
I've never really been bothered by past changes to Chrome, but this one just drives me nuts. I feel like I'm being punished because other users can't get their act together and need to be coddled, and that's bullshit. Maybe instead of this backwards move they could've done something like detected if the first page a user went to after opening a new tab was Google and popped up a dialogue, or redirected to a special Google homepage, which extolled the virtues of the omnibox and why they didn't have to do that.
You know, actually educate the users so they can use the tool more effectively. Instead they drag the rest of us down their level. Maddening.
Why does Google feel it is necessary to have a Share,Google+ and Notification buttons on the new tab page? One only uses this page to either go to another website either via search, clicking on app shortcut or pulling up a past visited page. The people I know of that use Chrome either use the omnibar search or have Google set to their homepage and use that for searching. If they are inexperienced users they usually keep there usage of a browser down to one tab.

On the Apps pulldown there does not appear to be anyway of removing unwanted apps like one can do now.
Phil L
Phil L
Dear "Div & Jacky"
Have you actually LISTENED to a SINGLE word of the feedback you've received? Why are you bothering with a feedback post when clearly you aren't bothering to use that feedback. Countless people have stated that this change is terrible yet you press ahead with it. I've been following the old post since it was started and have yet to see ONE positive comment on it. It really beggars belief.
Just do us a favour and dispense with the feedback forums if you're going to waste our time and ignore it.
Exactly, months of no positive comments at all...why bother?
I'll forward all this (and old messages) to major tech blogs I'm sure they'll be happy to have another clear demonstration of Google only interested in making money and using Chrome only to tie us with their services and record more hits on their pages now also with a stupid new tab.
The explanation they gave us for going on with this was by far the most idiot thing I've read since years, it only shows they think we're stupid but they demonstrated only how stupid they are really.
hated in when it last came out and my views on it have not changed

I am not sure why google ask for feedback on products, they vary rarely change anything

I stopped using many google services over the last few months mainly due to changes they keep making and then not listening to feedback on them
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Giselle M
Giselle M
All Google is doing about this is closing threads where people are complaining!! I am seeing complaints since April and this is September! I haven't used my PC since March or April, I've been using a Mac and it's been just fine. Now I'm finally back on my PC and I HATE THIS. And the worst is that it seems Google has no intention of changing it back.
There are other search engines, and there are other browsers. I have always loved Google and I have always loved Google Chrome but this is something that is very quickly changing my mind about Google. This is ridiculous
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