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AppleScript - limited support, is more coming?

The AppleScript library for Google Chrome is currently limited in scope.
A couple of additions would be incredible:
1) Give ability to get the current URL of a page, i.e.,
tell application "Google Chrome"
set Link to get URL of current window
end tell
Camino and Safari both have excellent methods for this.
2) Enable "do JavaScript"
tell application "Google Chrome"
set clipText to (do JavaScript "getSelection()" in document 1) as string
set clipText to (the clipboard) as text
end tell
3) More results when getting properties of the front window:
Here is the result of a script to get the properties of current window in Chrome:
tell application "Google Chrome"
end tell
{name:"Google Chrome", frontmost:false, class:application, version:""}
That "same" script for Safari has a ton more detail:
tell application "Safari"
properties of window 1
end tell
{document:document "Google Reader (42)" of application "Safari", closeable:true, zoomed:true, class:window, index:1, visible:true, name:"Google Reader (42)", modal:false, miniaturizable:true, titled:true, miniaturized:false, floating:false, id:38, resizable:true, bounds:{167, 22, 1280, 733}, current tab:tab 2 of window id 38 of application "Safari", zoomable:true}
Are there any plans to add more AppleScript?
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Google user
Google user
There's a ticket in the bug tracker for 'testing and scripting', so I guess it's planned - just not in the application yet!
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Fantastic, Nik.
Thanks for that info. Great to see the comment "We should mirror safari's dictionary."
That will be splendid.
Added my vote.
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