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Sarah Dee

Did your homepage, search engine or Chrome settings change?

**Updated 8/21/2015**

Is your default search engine different than what you originally set it as?  Did any of your other settings change without your consent?  Watch this video to learn more about tips for spotting malware to see if the symptoms sound familiar! There are several steps you can take to fix this issue which are outlined in this thread. 

1) Run the Chrome Cleanup Tool (Windows Only)


2) Check to see if there is a program on your computer or an extension that’s making unwanted changes (i.e. Conduit, Search Protect, etc.). Find your extensions by going to Chrome Menu > Settings > Extensions and disable any extensions you don’t recognize.

3) Also, check your program files for any suspicious programs you don’t remember installing. You can also run anti-virus software to find malicious files and programs for removal.

Again, if you've tried the recommendations above and are still unable to fix the issue, we do want to know. Please post in a new thread and tell us:

  1. Chrome version number (type chrome://version into your address bar)

  2. Operating system

  3. What homepage or default search engine it is set to

  4. If there are any programs installed on your computer (check your Program Files) that you do not recognize.


Chrome Community Team

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Dharmendra Poonia
Dharmendra Poonia
me too have the same problems. kindly please help me about this.

+Sakshi product expert
+Sakshi product expert
Hi all
Did you try the steps given by sarah
Google user
Google user
Chrome Version 33.0.1750.154 m on Win 8.1 and I keep get redirected to http://us.yhs4.search.yahoo.com.  I found a way to block it,, but it just locks.  Wish I could at least redirect back to google.  I have disabled all extensions, and I have no programs that I do not recognize.

Robert Wiedermann
Original Poster
Sarah Dee
@Robert Wiedermann. Thanks for writing in the forum! Have you tried to reset your browser settings? Or run an anti-virus scan on your computer? That would be my suggested next steps.

Google user
Google user
I have scanned my computer-no malware. None of the programs listed are on my computer (OS W 8.1.) I have set my Start Pages correctly. Yet, when I start Chrome, it goes to New Tab every time, even if I set Home Pge to a different URL. Why?
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Kameron M
Kameron M
Hi everyone,

Thanks for continuing to report these issues. This thread is a bit outdated so we're going to close this thread, but we've opened a new one that has some updated steps from the Chrome team for helping resolve unwanted or malicious software. Please check out our updated tips--if you continue to run into issues, please post a new reply on the new thread. Thanks! https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/chrome/fYjkh9P2LVY

Chrome Community Manager
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