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Kieran P

F5 button to refresh on Mac OS X Google Chrome

I'm on Mac OS X. Using the latest Google Chrome developer build.
It appears that the F5 button does not refresh the webpage. CTRL+R does, but many people (including myself), are probably used to F5 in most other browsers.
I'm not sure if this is OS specific. Either way, this functionality in Chrome would be very nice.
Thank you.
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Antonio Carvalho
Antonio Carvalho
I'm also experiencing this, please let us know when it is fixed.
i am experiencing the same problem, but i think google is unique and wants to do its things in a different way my be that is why they have Ctrl + R instead of F5.
you guys probably check this
I have the same problem. F5 works in the Windows version of Chrome so I don't see why it should not be available in OS X. Google, please upfix. Thanks!
I have a workaround for the meantime. Under the System Preferences, you can set your own keyboard shortcuts specific to an application. I managed to get F5 working this way in Safari and now in Chrome:
1. Launch "System Preferences"
2. Click the "Keyboard & Mouse" icon
3. Select "Keyboard Shortcuts" tab
4. Hit the little "+" button under the main white area
5. In the little pup-up window select "Google Chrome" as the Application
6. Type in "Reload This Page" in the "Menu Title" field exactly as it appears in the Chrome's View menu (no quotes of course)
7. Click inside the "Keyboard Shortcut" field and hit F5 key (or any desired combination)
8. Restart Chrome to make it work
Hope this helps folks. Let me know. Cheers!
David Tee
David Tee
Quick thanks to paulcik - the solution works perfectly.
Sarah Dee
Sarah Dee
Hi All,

As @TypeEE recommended, you can use Command+R to refresh. There is a feature request filed to add F5 as a shortcut, please "star" the feature request, which will vote for the feature. 

Thanks for the feedback!

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