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Richu Mathew

Disable 'articles for you'

I would like to disable the'articles for you'option. Can anyone please tell me how to turn it off...
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Kameron M
Kameron M
Hi Richu,

Thanks for the feedback. This is currently a permanent feature of Chrome for Android right now and cannot be disabled, but we appreciate the feedback. We've flagged this to our Android team and we're keeping an eye on the comments so we appreciate you letting us know. Feel free to always send us feedback directly by clicking the more icon (More) > report an issue.


(Marking this as Best Answer so people can see this response. The Android team is keeping an eye on this thread so we appreciate your feedback about this feature).
Google user
Google user
Forced suggestions upon us. Just like damn Facebook. Great. The almighty advertising dollar wins again. To hell with what is users like
Well, thank you for your answer Cameron, what should we do to get a disable feature added ASAP? Not just for the news articles but also for all the "you just did this or that"! Hope ? Pray? This situation is so ridiculous, looks like some Google bureaucrat has decided to make users happy...
Lorraine Hardy
Lorraine Hardy
Well what other Internet can we use instead... its..disgusting..  mines displaying my downloads..  all of that content should be private at all times..  also I'm now seeing news items from my own town..  I just don't wanna know whose been raped and beaten up etc etc..  I don't buy the newspaper  and reality celebs on there..  I don't want to see their lives or be made aware that they exist..  
Your new "Suggested articles" feature on Chrome for Android home page: even if I delete all items in History it will still show my downloaded files to anyone! Impossible to delete. Very shocking: you betray your users! And I want to turn this feature off, stop spamming me with unwanted content! I don't want you to spam me with disgusting Trump news!
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Michael Jester
Michael Jester
Your suggestion does not work.  I am using Win 10 and Chrome 69 .... I see no such Articles setting to disable.  Google sucks.   PLUS get the similar crap on my Android phones.  Jesus I pray for any alternative OS other than Apple.
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