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saving all the opened tabs before closing browser window

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"saving all the opened tabs before closing browser window"
I use multiple sessions of chrome at the same time, one each for my personal stuff, other for professional stuff, other for entertainment, other for social networking stuff....and so on...
Sometime, either my system gets slow because of too much processing OR else I have to rush for something in between. And, in those cases I have to manually copy/paste all the URL to my notepad/winword which is again a very tough and tiresome job..
My suggestion to have a "save session" button where in we can save all the opened URL's at one click for that particular session, and similarly we can save all the other sessions as well. I know we have "reopen the pages that were open last" option but that doesnt solves the purpose.
It's as similar as making a playlist using any of the media/audio player, where we can simply click on any playlist to play all the related music.
Please let me know if this makes sense.
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I agree, I've been asking this question since tabs first popped up...
This has real use to it! Especially for workspaces/research...
Example: I'm doing research on Outsourcing Helpdesk companies, i have 5 tabs open... let me save my session with all my tabs as 'Outsource Helpdesk Companies'
Yea bookmarks kinda does it, but it's one step more.
Here is just a quick explanation for how to do this using bookmarks. pauljharding I am not sure what you mean by "it's one step more" since you're basically doing the same thing if there was a button to "save session" unless you are talking about the extra step of naming your new bookmark folder. Anyway this will definitely help a lot of people who just want a solution for now until there is a "save session" option added:
Step 1: have all the tabs open which you want to save.
Step 2: right click one of the tabs, choose "bookmark all tabs".
Step 3: choose a name for the new folder for this session, click OK.
To reopen this folder just go to this bookmark folder you just created, right-click it then either choose:
"Open all bookmarks"
"Open all bookmarks in new window"
"Open all bookmarks in incognito mode"
The great thing about saving them as a bookmark folder is that you will always have it there (until you delete it) in case you accidentally close an important tab! I hope this helped, enjoy!!
THANK YOU KaFOFO !! I never tried right clicking a tab -- YOU ROCK!!
Thanks KaFOFO for the tip, although I would expect Chrome to save the list of open URL's so I can safely let Chrome update itself without having to go through that kung-fu.
Anyway, does someone know of an application that will generate the current date + time in MySQL standard (ie. YYYY-MM-YY HH:MM), so I can just copy/paste when creating a new folder to save URL's that are currently opened in my (two or three, sigh) running instances of Google Chome?
Thank you.
I'm using Chrome 14.x on a mac and I don't get the "Open all bookmarks..." option when I control click. Help? Thanks.
This works for saving tabs temporarily, but is there a way to save every open tab as an html file?
Thank you
Google user
Google user
Great tip. But FF and Opera could do this. This is very important to me. I can;t be looking for a save bookmark each time I open the browser. This is definitely something Google should look at. When I open the computer I want all my regular sites refreshed and ready to tab to. Maybe I expect too much from Chrome, but if its good enough for Firefox, then...
Short version:
chrome://settings OR Drop-Down::Wrench->Settings;
"On startup" (second from the top);
Select "continue where I left off".
This actually allows you to use Wrench->Exit to close all tabs and windows and reload chrome with all tabs and windows open, also. Pretty awesome.
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