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Browser Help? None Of My Browsers Want To Work! (Google Chrome and Firefox Issues Caused by Chrome)

A client of mine requested that I install Google chrome in order to view and see something that was not loading fast enough on my default browser, which was Firefox.
Now I installed google chrome, and am trying to adjust to it, but there are other issues which are quite funny to me, and I don't think they are supposed to be occurring, as they literally stop me from doing the work I would otherwise be able to do had I not installed chrome to begin with:
#1: Firefox has completely quit working. It will open, and load A page ....and by A page, I literally mean it will only load the page once... and will not allow me to scroll, or move, or click any links, or do anything for that matter.
This occurs whether I reset it back to my default browser, or whether I use it in safe mode, and I don't have google chrome open at the same time either.
#2 Adblock plus works in NEITHER now. LOL. I really enjoyed adblock plus. I get sick and tired of seeing all these ads on ezine articles, and other websites that seem to take up more than half the page.
When firefox was still my buddy, it hid those, so I could get the information I needed, and do whatever I needed without all of this other junk in the way.
But now it doesn't work on firefox, because firefox decided not to work. So I installed that on google chrome. I set the settings to work, and got the addon button as well.
however it's not blocking any of the ezine articles ads, and not only this, if I set it to block them, it asks me set the level of things being blocked, but even at the lowest level, it gets rid of the search bar completely on the website.
#3: Google chrome doesn't stay logged in. No matter what I do, there are article websites I need to be on right now for this client, and it will not allow me to stay logged in!
No matter what I click, it logs me out, which means I cannot work, as it logs me out anytime I click anything, or do anything.
I have got it to save my password, remember me etc etc... but it won't let me stay logged in.
Earlier, when I just installed this, google chrome wouldn't even let me log into the websites, and just returned to the main page, asking me to enter in the details...
But then I finally was able to log in, but still it wont let me stay logged in!
I have also tried removing all of the history and other things, which also didn't work. What the heck is there to remove anyways, when I just installed this today?
#4: I have NO internet explorer. Some might say, oh...well why don't you just use internet explorer for now while you figure the rest out. Thing is, It's not even installed on my computer at all, it's literally non-existent!
And I have checked this over and over using various searches and whatnot, because people don't believe me that I don't have internet explorer.
The lack of internet explorer has also never gotten in the way of my other browser, Firefox, it worked just fine.
It was only until I installed google chrome, that it literally stopped working. And now google chrome won't let me do what I want either, even if I set it as the default browser too.
So how can I win here? What the heck is going on? And can anyone please help with this issue, as I honestly don't know what to do now.
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Have you checked for any possible malware infiltrations on your system before you installed Chrome when Firefox had its own problems? Based on your brief description, it sounds like a classic trojan or worm at work. Firefox has been targeted heavily by hackers based on the articles I've read. A number of solutions have been provided.
You may need to uninstall Chrome and check for any malware. Prior to doing that, go to your Chrome Tools at the top right corner. Click on 'Options' and then 'Under the Hood'. De-check 'Enable phishing and malware protection'. Click 'Close'. See if that works. If it does, then Chrome just told you that you have malware in your system.
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