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Sarah Dee

Give feedback on the new bookmarks experience in Chrome

Your bookmarks are how you and millions of other users keep track of important things across the web. The web has grown over the years, but bookmarks stayed the same. If you're on the Chrome Dev/Canary channel, the latest release will include our new bookmarks experience: we've made them more powerful, with an updated design for the bookmarks themselves and the bookmark manager.

Check out the new Bookmarks Manager UI by going to Chrome Menu > Bookmarks > Bookmarks Manager. You’ll notice that your bookmarks are now more visual with an improved search, plus we added auto-folders which organize your bookmarks for you. (Your favorite bookmarks in the bookmarks bar will remain the same.)

Not on Dev? You can download Chrome Dev here or test on Canary here.  If you’re on Dev or Canary and you don’t see the new UI, don’t worry - it will be available for you in the next few days.

This feature is also not yet available for Chrome OS users.

Questions, feedback? Join the discussion here - we’d love to hear your thoughts on our new bookmarks experience.

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Kris S42
Kris S42
Is there a limit on the amount of bookmarks the new manager can handle? 

I have over 6k and although I can see the new bookmark pop-up when I try to star a page, navigating to the manager page shows the old version. This happens on both Version 40.0.2204.0 and Version 39.0.2171.42 but on Canary I can at least find the extension in the manager and uninstall it. On 39 it doesn't show up at all. 

According to this thread a similar issue occurs with as little as 3k bookmarks. 

Hi, I'm Will
Hi, I'm Will
Please make this an extension only, this does not match the clean simplicity of the rest of Chrome's UI at all. 

If anything, the bookmark managers UI (And Downloads) should match the Chrome WebUI used everywhere else.
Sarah : First, let me make it clear that I am not a Luddite — I love the new Inbox product, and am adapting to it very quickly. That said, the new bookmark manager UI is an abomination. Worse, if someone is foolish to install the extension from the store, uninstalling the extension is not enough to get rid of it, as installation also appears to install a new flag (which now exists on my Chromebook, running Version 38.0.2125.110 (64-bit) stable:

Enable Enhanced Bookmarks Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS
Provides an off switch for enhanced bookmarks experiment #enhanced-bookmarks-experiment

Even worse, once the Bookmark Manager extension has been installed/uninstalled, going to the Chrome store and attempting to install/uninstall again returns this error message:

To undo the damage, go to chrome://flags, search for Enable Enhanced Bookmarks, and disable it, then restart.

Kris : Here is the review that I left for the Bookmark Manager extension in the Chrome Web Store (before I learned about the new flag):

This Bookmark Manager extension is an unmitigated disaster. What is represented in the tiles UI has little relationship to the order in which things appear in my bookmark menus. I cannot imagine using this tool to create and organize my ~1000 bookmarks. This is a toy, suitable for people who have fewer than 100 bookmarks, who don't bother to organize them.  
Worst of all, after removing the extension, it re-activated itself, and now if I go to the web store and try to install it, I get an error message: "An error has occurred. This item is already being downloaded and added into Chrome."
I will update my review with the flag disable tip.
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Sarah Dee
@Kris S42, Yes there is a limit on the amount of bookmarks. If we detect your system cannot handle the new UI, we have disabled it for now. You are right that you can disable bookmarks via the flag, but please be aware that flags can go away, break, or disappear at any time so this option may not always be there. 

@Selden Deemer. Thanks for sharing your feedback both here and on the Chrome Web Store. 
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Sarah Dee
Hi All,

Thanks for all your feedback during the beta process. We are listening and have added back in List View. We are starting the rollout to all users this week. I'm going to close this thread for now, but you can view the new one about the most recent update here

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