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Clinger C. Jr.

Open chrome://settings/ chrome://flags/ chrome://chrome-urls/ from command line?

Google Chrome 16.0.912.63 (Official Build 113337) m
OS Windows Server 2003 SP2 ENU
WebKit 535.7 (@101565)
JavaScript V8
Flash 11,1,102,55
User Agent Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.2) AppleWebKit/535.7 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/16.0.912.63 Safari/535.7
Command Line "C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" --flag-switches-begin --enable-smooth-scrolling --enable-accelerated-2d-canvas --ppapi-flash-in-process --enable-print-preview --flag-switches-end
Extensions: Google Dictionary (by Google), Google Translate
I need to open some chrome:// urls from a script, tried and nothing happens. Command line works fine for web store app, but doesn't open chrome internal urls.
This line works:
chrome.exe --new-window https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/fhjofahcbdnggbogjamfaafkgnolfnpc
This doesn't:
chrome.exe --new-window https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/fhjofahcbdnggbogjamfaafkgnolfnpc chrome://settings/ chrome://flags/ chrome://chrome-urls/
How open chrome internal url's from command line? (I've noticed also that the switch to start maximized doesn't work anymore)
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Original Poster
Clinger C. Jr.
Hello, someone with knowledge of chrome command line?
Matti nescio
Matti nescio
A not so elegant workaround: 
  1. make a copy of your Chrome Preferences file
  2. open chrome://settings/startup , set the wanted internal chrome pages
  3. make a copy of the new Preferences file
  4. have the script (or a simple bat file) replace the wanted prefences file and launch chrome

Sarah Dee
Sarah Dee
As far as I'm aware you can't access internal Chrome pages (like chrome://settings) with a command line flag, you can't even click a link to open them, they have to be typed manually into the address bar or accessed from a bookmark. So thank you for providing a workaround @Matti nescio!
I have found a place that I can associate .url and have Google open them. I save web pages for pieces of information I may need later. When I went back to open them I found out they would not open and I had to get the information all over again. I ran across this 

Associate a file type or protocol with a specific program. It is more in depth and involved than the right click "open with" task

go to Control Panel Home then Associate a file type or protocol with a specific program, wait a few seconds while it loads and the easiest way is to find .url is to click on Name scroll down and change the association to Chrome. You will have to browse and find your Chrome executable file and problem solved. Mine was associated to Internet Browser. Needless to say that did not work but it does now. I hope this helps someone, at least I can open the url's that I saved but could never open. 

Negeen E.
Negeen E.

Hey Internet People!

This is an issue people were running into on a much older version of Chrome. If you are still seeing this issue and Matti nescio's fix isn't working for you, please start a new thread so someone from the Chrome team can help you!


Happy Interneting!

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