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Chrome freezes, crashes, CPU 100%, gets slow... it is unusable for a few weeks... no answers from Google?

Ok, I am tired. I tried everything on Earth for weeks and it doesn't get better. What is wrong with Chrome? It's like it from one version to the next it became a CPU/RAM eater. I just know that one day it started loading the tabs slower and slower, freezing completely and even crashing.
As lots of other people, I tried to uninstall flash, reinstall, deactivate plugins, reactivate,and many many many many tricks other people suggested in different forums.
OK, so I am using a Samsung R519 laptop with Dual Core Intel 2.0 GHz CPU, 4 GB RAM and Intel 4500 graphics card. It is 2 years old and the hard disk is 3 months old as it was damaged.
Still I sent it to Samsung and they said they found no problem at all in the laptop after running all their tests. I run as many tests as I could find, not finding any failure.
Opera 11.5 runs perfectly well and needs much less CPU and RAM.
But Maxthon 3 with WebKit is also getting similar symptoms of freezing and slowing down.
So... is this a problem of WebKit or Chrome getting heavier and needing more resources, and old laptops can't run them well anymore?
Please tell us something, this is desperating. I don't want to use Opera, I want Chrome and all my extensions as I used perfectly fast until recently.
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†Tommy G.†
Try clearing your browsing data from the beginning of time.
The same exactly emotions about my crash report of Chrome on Fedora 16. No reaction from Google whatsoever.
Looks like they just don't care, actually.
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Thanks dragonatt, I clear browsing data everytime I close Chrome, that doesn't help.
@Boyandin, thanks, if this happens also in Linux it means it is not related to some questions such as the antivirus, that of course I tried disabling. I noticed some improvement though by disabling the firewall, as I read that the last Chromes have some sort of conflict with it, but I wonder if the Linux Fedora firewall has the same problem as in my Windows 7 Home Premium 32bits. Probably not.
I tried disabling the hardware acceleration and disabled all storing options within Flash (right click on any flash video and settings) and today seems to be better. I still have to try it longer to see.
Can you guys try disabling hardware acceleration too and report here if it gets any better?
PS: Thanks Google, wonderful customer support. We give you all our private data, even our dirtiest secrets, and this is how you treat us?
@stv9: the Fedora firewall (in my case, the standard iptables) isn't at fault. Chrome crashes regardless of its state.
selinux isn't at fault, as well. Chrome crashes regardless of selinux state.
Judging by the crash data, Ghrome libraries supplied with the software are in conflict with the same, system-provided libraries.
What amazes me is that there are no reactions to crash reports. The last updates of Chrome do crash on a variety of installations, people are posting debug info/whatever, but no reaction from Google.
To me, that's no problem - I return to Firefox and Opera. At least their support teams do notice users' feedback.
Good luck.
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Thanks Boyandin.
This just keeps freezing and going up to 100% CPU all the time no matters what. I did clean reinstalls of WIndows, of Chrome, didn't even sync or used backups or anything in case something was corrupted... I didn't install extensions...
I am really stressed with this. My 2 years guarantee expires in two weeks and I have to decide if the problem is my laptop or just Flash/WebKit/Chrome.
Could it be that this laptop is just too old and cheap for the new features and requierements of WebKit/Chrome?
Because it also freezes and slows down with Maxthon Browser, which uses WebKit engine.
The problem is that I sent the laptop to Samsung and they said they found nothing wrong in their tests, so I still have the chance to send it again, but they could claim me money for not finding anything wrong if I insist (I'm talking about 50 euros for nothing if they find nothing).
What should I do? Anyone with experience? This is a Samsung R519 laptop 2 year old with Intel Dual-Core 2.0 GHz, 4 GB RAM, Intel 4500 graphics card. A cheap one but used to fly fast and could do anything very fast (except for gaming). The hard drive is all new since it was giving this sort of freezing problems last summer and they found it faulty and replaced it. When they replaced it, the laptop was great and fast again.
Anyone with experience for advice?
Not 'looks like', they actually DON'T care, this is official and documented. Google is not driven by the complaints of its users and does not exist for the happiness of people who never pay any money for any products they use.
Google DOES care (a lot) about any complaints and the happiness of advertisers, investors and all sorts of other people who put MONEY into Google (lots of it).
Which is fair, after all, isn't it?
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