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Clearing browser history causing instant blue screen and reboot...

When I try to clear the Chrome browser history Chrome/Windows 7 goes immediately to blue screen (of death) causing computer to reboot.  This repeats every time so far I attempt to clear the browser history.  Windows 7 and Chrome are in their latest updates (I believe).  I use Windows Update and...


I went to my motherboard site and downloaded and installed their latest Etron USB 3.0 Host Controller driver for Windows 8, even though I am still using Windows 7.  My old driver now replaced was v  The new version is  Needless to say this instantly fixed the problem without even rebooting.  Thanks to whomever discovered the Etron USB 3.0 connection.  Google Chrome is off the hook once again.
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Hi Susan,

I am not sure what causes this, but you might be able to fix it if you reset your user profile.

Kind regards,
Viktor Šima-Juriček
Viktor Šima-Juriček
I have same problem on my desktop PC with Windows7 Ultimate 64bit. I found it yesterday, after last Chrome update with changed download history layout.
Its freezing when i try to delete my history or check settings. After few freezes blue screen pops out and i have to restart system.
I have no this problem on my other PCs.
Anil Kumar P K
Anil Kumar P K

Try to launch chrome with new user data directory to find whether the problem related to it.

Create a folder in the c drive named "chrome" (or any drive where you have Full permissions. Change the drive letter as required.)

Press <WinKey>+R Type chrome --user-data-dir=c:\chrome

If this fails, Right click on the chrome shortcut > select properties >append --user-data-dir=c:\chrome at the end of ???\Application\chrome.exe" {here} in the target Box. open chrome again and open the settings. 

If the blue screen has gone, the problem is related to the user profile. Close chrome, restore the shortcut to default and use Chrome Cleanup Tool. to reset chrome. or Delete the chrome User Data Folder "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Chromium\User Data\Default".

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It is something strange, but we'll find a solution.

about the profile reset:
All your user data is stored in this folder:
%LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default*
"Default" is the name of your first user data folder. The second is "Person 1", the third is "Person 2" and so on.

If you close Chrome completely with [ctrl + shift + Q] and rename that folder your data is still there (doing nothing) and Chrome will create a new folder on startup. If you want to restore your stuff, just close Chrome completely again, remove the new user data folder and rename the back-up to "Default"* again.

I hope I explained this clear to you. In short: you do not have to worry :D

Re-install Chrome:
Another option would be to re-install Chrome. Make a copy of the folder(s) stated above and remove Chrome completely with Revo Uninstaller. After this, use the Offline installer to install Chrome again.

Windows system restore:
Last thing: you can use "Windows system restore' to restore it to a date when Windows did worked fine.

Kind regards,
Google user
Google user
same here, only recently started
Zero Mutt
Zero Mutt
unplugging my mouse and keyboard from my etron usb 3.0 ports and then plugging them back in has fixed this issue for me 

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