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Open tabs, windows and files

You can view different web pages or files using tabs and windows in Google Chrome.

Open a new tab

  • At the top of your Google Chrome window, next to the last tab, click New tab new tab.
  • To open a link in a new tab, press Ctrl (Windows and Linux) or (Mac) on your keyboard while you click the link. Related tabs are grouped.
  • To open the same web page in multiple tabs, right-click the tab with the web page and select Duplicate.
  • Try these keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl + T (Windows and Linux); ⌘ + T (Mac).
  • To re-open a recently closed tab, press Ctrl + Shift + T (Windows and Linux); ⌘ + Shift + T (Mac).

When you open a new tab, images of the websites that you visit frequently appear under the search box. To visit a site, click the thumbnail.

To remove a most visited site, point to the thumbnail. At the top-right of the thumbnail, click Remove Remove.

Open a new window

  • Try these keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl + N (Windows and Linux); ⌘ + N (Mac).
  • To open a tab in a new window, drag the tab outside of the Google Chrome window.

Open a file

  • From your computer's desktop or folder, drag the file into a Google Chrome tab. If the action is successful, your cursor will display Add ADD.
  • In the address bar, type the file's location (also known as its path), then press Enter.
  • Try these keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl + O (Windows and Linux); ⌘ + O (Mac).

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