Manage warnings about unsafe sites

You'll see a warning if the content that you're trying to see is dangerous or deceptive. These sites are often called 'phishing' or 'malware' sites.

Get warnings about dangerous and deceptive content

Phishing and malware detection is turned on by default. When it's turned on, you might see the following messages. If you see one of these messages, we recommend that you don't visit the site.

  • The site ahead contains malware: The site that you want to visit might try to install harmful software, called malware, on your computer.
  • Deceptive site ahead: The site that you want to visit might be a phishing site.
  • Suspicious site: The site that you want to visit seems suspicious and may not be safe.
  • The site ahead contains harmful programs: The site that you start to visit might try to trick you into installing programs that cause problems when you’re browsing online.
  • This page is trying to load scripts from unauthenticated sources:The site that you try to visit isn't secure.

Important: Download with caution. Some sites try to trick you into downloading harmful software by telling you that you have a virus. Be careful not to download any harmful software.

Did you mean [site name]?

If you get this message, Chrome thinks that this site may be trying to trick you with a URL that's slightly different from a safe URL.

If you think a page was flagged in error and want to proceed to the site, tap Ignore.

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