Update Google Chrome

To make sure that you're protected by the latest security updates, Google Chrome can automatically update when a new version of the browser is available on your device. With these updates, you might sometimes notice that your browser looks different. 

Get a Chrome update when available

Chrome should automatically update based upon your Apple App Store settings. You can check if there's a new version available:

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, open the App Store.
  2. At the bottom, tap Updates.
  3. In the pending updates, look for Chrome Chrome.
  4. If Chrome is listed, tap Update to install.
  5. If asked, enter your Apple ID password. The updates will download and install.

If you don’t have the Google Chrome app yet, download it from the app store.

Get design features and new features early

When you see changes in Chrome, those changes have usually been tested in an early version of Chrome called Chrome Beta.

If you want to get a preview of what's coming down the line in the future, take a look at the Chrome Blog.

Features not available on iPhone or iPad

Some of your Chrome features and settings will not be available at this time because of iPhone and iPad constraints, including:

If Apple makes changes to WKWebView to allow these features, we will add them back in.

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