Connect a website to a Bluetooth or USB device

Chrome lets you connect a website to your Bluetooth and USB devices. For example, if you have a Bluetooth-enabled heart monitor, you can let a website connect to it. Then, the page can record and show information about the monitor.

When to give access to your device

Only give device access to a trusted site. If you pair a website with your device, the site can get all the information on the device and can even reprogram it.

Pair a webpage in Chrome with your device

  1. Connect your devices.
    • Bluetooth device: On your computer or phone, make sure Bluetooth is turned on. On the Bluetooth device, turn on "discoverable" mode.
    • USB device: Connect your devices using a USB cable.
  2. In Chrome, open a webpage that can connect to your device.
  3. Click or tap the page. You'll be asked to add a device.
  4. Choose a device from the list.
  5. Choose Pair or Connect.

Troubleshoot Bluetooth pairing problems

If the site can't find your device, make sure that Bluetooth is turned on for your iPhone or iPad.

When both devices have Bluetooth turned on, click Re-scan.

Remove devices connected with Chrome

Bluetooth devices: To remove a website's access to your Bluetooth devices, tap More More and then Reload Reload.

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