Remove software that affects Chrome

The Chrome Cleanup Tool is available for Windows users only.

If you notice Chrome behaving strangely (for example, causing crashes, unusual startup pages or toolbars, unexpected ads you can't get rid of, or otherwise changing your browsing experience), it may be due to an unwanted program on your computer.

You may be able to fix the problem by downloading and running the Chrome Cleanup Tool. Think of this as a “factory reset” of Chrome. It restores Chrome's original settings and removes programs that affect its behavior.

Set up the Chrome Cleanup Tool

The Chrome Cleanup Tool scans your computer for programs known to cause problems with Chrome, and then offers to remove them for you.


  1. Visit the Chrome Cleanup Tool homepage.
  2. Click the Download button.
  3. Review the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. To agree, click Accept and Install.

The Chrome Cleanup Tool will download to your computer.

Scan your computer for programs known to cause problems with Chrome

  1. Open the Chrome Cleanup Tool. It will immediately start searching your computer for programs known to cause problems with Chrome.
  2. A message will tell you how many programs were found, if any.
  3. Click Remove programs. Wait until you see the message "Removal complete." Some open applications may be closed in the process.
  4. Click Continue to quit the tool. (If your computer needs to reboot, the button will say Restart.)
  5. Chrome will automatically reopen, asking if you want to reset your browser settings. Click Reset.
What the tool searches for

The Chrome Cleanup Tool looks for programs known to cause trouble for Chrome. These programs aren't typical cases of malware, so your antivirus or security software may not pick them up. The Chrome Cleanup Tool doesn't scan for all types of computer viruses.

Information that’s collected

If the Chrome Cleanup Tool finds programs on your computer, it asks if you want to send results back to Google. This helps Google better understand the programs that are causing issues on Chrome.

At the bottom of the window, click “information about your computer” to see details about what would be sent. If you don't want to send this info, simply uncheck the box “Help improve this tool by sending information about your computer to Google.”


Known issues
  • Software removal may be blocked by malware. There may be extra, more aggressive malware on your computer that protects a program from being removed. In this case, you can try using anti-malware or anti-virus software to get rid of both programs.
Problems downloading or finding the Chrome Cleanup Tool

If you think you successfully downloaded the Chrome Cleanup Tool but can’t find it, try looking in your downloads folder or on your desktop, or typing chrome://downloads into your address bar.

Even if you’ve already run the tool once on your computer, you will likely have to download it again each time you want to run it. The tool is meant to be downloaded and used as needed.

Learn more about common download errors on Google Chrome.

I'm still seeing the same problems on Chrome

If Chrome is still crashing or you’re still seeing unusual startup pages or toolbars, unexpected ads you can't get rid of, or an otherwise changed browsing experience, then you may have a case of malware that the Chrome Cleanup Tool can’t clean by itself. Learn more about getting rid of malware on Chrome.

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