"You cannot visit [this website] right now because..."

Google Chrome may show this warning if Chrome detects that your Internet connection or your computer is stopping the browser from loading the page securely. You should try visiting this site later when Chrome is able to to make a secure connection, reconnect from a different network, or refresh the page. If you encounter this error, the website operator has asked Chrome to block the page because of a security risk.

Background information

When you connect to a website that uses SSL to transmit data, the server which hosts that website presents Google Chrome and other browsers with a certificate to verify its identity. Chrome checks the address in the certificate to ensure it matches the address of the website so that you're communicating with the website named on the certificate, and not someone pretending to be that website.

Troubleshooting Steps

You can use the troubleshooting steps below for the SSL warning message that you're experiencing.


  • If you’re trying to log in to a WiFi portal, try visiting a website in HTTP to get to the WiFi login page.
  • Check that the clock is correct, paying close attention to the year.
  • Try accessing the page in Incognito mode. If it works there, it means one of your extensions is causing the security problem and you should remove unneeded extensions. Learn more about resetting Chrome browser settings.
  • If you have any anti-virus software that provides "HTTPS protection," it might be interfering with the browser's ability to provide security.


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