Rats! WebGL hit a snag...

With WebGL, a technology built into Google Chrome, you can visit many sites that have sophisticated graphics content, like 3D scenes.

When you’re visiting a page with WebGL content, sometimes issues arise that can cause an error serious enough to stop Chrome from loading that content. Loading might fail for several reasons. For instance, a page might have maliciously attempted to crash Chrome or a bug was identified in your graphics driver. In these cases, you might see a message indicating that WebGL has failed: "Rats! WebGL hit a snag..."

In response to this notification, you can take the following actions:

  • Reload: Chrome will try to allow WebGL again and possibly reload the page to show the blocked content. You should choose this option only if you fully trust all of the pages that you currently have open.
  • Ignore: Chrome will continue blocking WebGL content for the remainder of your browsing session. You should choose this option if you don’t trust one or more of the pages that you currently have open, or if you suspect that one of these pages has caused Chrome to crash in the past.