QuickTime plug-in

QuickTime is a media player by Apple, Inc. The program includes a browser plug-in that allows you to view audio and video content using QuickTime’s format. QuickTime is included on Mac computers and can be downloaded as a program on Windows computers.

Install QuickTime Player for Windows

Note: Since QuickTime is a 32-bit plugin, QuickTime is not supported on 64-bit versions of Chrome.

  1. Download the QuickTime installer from Apple’s website.
  2. When the download is complete, click the installer in the downloads bar at the bottom of Chrome.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish installation. 

    Windows User Account Control might appear and ask you for permission to install. If you don’t have administrator privileges on the computer, please contact your system administrator to finish installation.

  4. Restart Chrome.

Enable or disable QuickTime plug-in

The QuickTime plug-in is enabled by default after you’ve restarted Chrome. You can enable or disable the plug-in at chrome:plugins.

  1. Type chrome:plugins in the address bar.
  2. Find QuickTime:
    • Click Disable to stop the plug-in from running.
    • Click Enable to re-enable the plug-in.