Search the web

This article applies to Chrome for Mobile.

Touch the omnibox (address bar) at the top of the screen to search the web or type in a web address.

Search tips:

  • As you type, these icons appear next to omnibox suggestions:

    • The Search icon Search icon appears next to searches.
    • The Bookmark icon Bookmark icon appears next to bookmarked sites.
    • The History icon History icon appears next to sites from your browsing history.
    • The Globe icon Globe icon appears next to related sites.
  • You can configure the default search engine for the address bar by going to Chrome menu > Settings > (Basics) Search engine.

Search within a web page

  1. Touch Chrome menu > Find in page.
  2. Type the text that you're looking for. Matches are highlighted on the page.
    • You can see the total number of matches in the find bar. Use the up and down arrows to go to each match.
    • You can also jump to the highlighted sections in the scrollbar to find matches (Android only).