Native Client in Google Chrome

Google Chrome supports Native Client, an open source technology that developers can use to deliver enriched content to you in web apps, such as games with high-performance graphics and high-quality audio. If you'd like to use apps developed with Native Client, make sure your computer meets the system requirements listed below.

System requirements:

  • Windows: all versions
  • Linux: all versions, but in Chrome 14, Native Client is disabled on 32-bit Linux systems
  • Mac: 10.6.7 and later, however Native Client has been disabled for official releases of OS X 10.6.7 and earlier running 64-bit kernel version 10.7.0 or earlier
  • Native Client is currently only available for apps in the Chrome Web Store
If an app doesn't support your device, you may see a message saying, "This page uses a Native Client app that doesn't work on your computer." You can try contacting the app developer to find out if they have plans to support your device.

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