Get the best of Google Toolbar in Google Chrome

Google Toolbar isn't available for Google Chrome, but many Toolbar features are already built right into Google Chrome. Here are the features they share:

Spiffy search box

In Google Chrome, the address bar doubles as your search box, so you don't need a second search box. Like the Toolbar search box, the address bar provides suggestions based on popular Google searches, spelling corrections, and your own browsing history and bookmarks. Learn more about searching in Google Chrome.

Suggestions instead of error pages

Like the Toolbar, Google Chrome shows you intelligent page suggestions when the page you're trying to open can't be found. Learn more about suggestions for navigation errors.

Highlighted search terms

The find bar feature in Google Chrome is similar to the Toolbar "Word find" button. Matches to your find bar search term are automatically highlighted on the page. Plus, you can use the yellow markers on the scrollbar to quickly see where all the matches are located on the page. Google Chrome's find bar doesn't offer several of Toolbar's "Word find" features, such as populating the Toolbar with a button for each word that you type in the search box. Learn more about the Google Chrome find bar.


Similar to Toolbar's "AutoFill" button, Google Chrome shows you text you've previously entered on websites, to save you time and typing. Learn more about Autofill in Google Chrome.

Pop-up blocker

Google Chrome's pop-up blocker, like Toolbar's "Pop-up blocker" button, automatically keeps your screen free and clear. Learn more about blocking pop-ups in Google Chrome.


Google Chrome's built-in spell-checker, similar to Toolbar's "Spell check" button, automatically checks your spelling whenever you fill out a web form. Learn more about Google Chrome's spell-checker.


Like Toolbar's "Translate" button, Google Chrome can offer to translate webpages that are not written in one of your preferred languages. Learn more about Google Chrome's translation bar.

A few popular Toolbar actions aren't available in Google Chrome, but you can easily add bookmarklets or extensions to Google Chrome to do the same tasks:

Google Bookmarks

Google Chrome bookmarks are separate from Google Bookmarks, but you can add a Google Bookmarks bookmarklet to the Google Chrome bookmarks bar, which lets you create a Google Bookmark for the page you're viewing with just one click. To get easy access to your Google Bookmarks, just add a bookmark for to your Google Chrome bookmarks bar.

If you'd like to add additional features to Google Chrome, take a look in our Chrome Web Store. We now have thousands of extensions that can improve your experience on the web. You can learn more about extensions and see some of our favorites here.

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