Chrome keyboard shortcuts

Learn keyboard shortcuts and become a pro at using Chrome.

Use Chrome shortcuts on your iPad

If you use an iPad with an external keyboard, you can use shortcuts to navigate Chrome Chrome. On the keyboard, the Option or Alt key is the ⌥ symbol, and the Command key is the ⌘ symbol. Both keys refer to the same modifier. To quickly get to the shortcuts panel in Chrome Chrome, press and hold .

Tab & window shortcuts
Action Shortcut
Back + Left arrow or + [
Forward + Right arrow or + ]
Close tab + w
Close all tabs in Tab Grid Shift ++ w
Go to Tab Grid Shift + + \
New Incognito tab Shift ++ n
New Incognito window + Shift+ + n
New tab + t or + n
New window ++ n
Go to next tab + + Right arrow or + Tab or+ }
Go to previous tab + + Left arrow or Shift ++ Tab or + {
Reopen last closed tab Shift ++ t
Go to n-th tab (1–8) + (18)
Go to last tab + 9
Chrome shortcuts
Action Shortcut
Add to Reading List Shift + + d
Delete Browsing Data… Shift + +
Dismiss modals Press Esc
Show Help + ?
Show History + y
Open location... + l
Print... + p
Report an Issue... Shift ++ i
Show Settings + ,
Show Bookmarks ++ b
Show Downloads Shift + + j or+ + l
Show Reading List + + r


Address bar shortcuts
Action Shortcut
Highlight the URL + l
Remove the URL highlight Press Esc


Page shortcuts
Action Shortcut
Bookmark this page… + d
Find on page... + f
Reload + r
Stop loading + .
Voice Search Shift ++ .


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