Give sites permission to MIDI devices in Chrome

You can connect a site to your Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) devices in Chrome. MIDI is a standard way for electronic musical instruments, hardware, and computers to communicate. You can control virtual synthesizers, drum machines, or other instruments with your MIDI keyboard or controller.

Only give device access to a trusted site. If you’re on a site that’s connected to your MIDI device, the site may access and change information on the device, including possible firmware updates. The site can send and receive MIDI messages to and from your devices. This allows your device to make sounds and the site can access the notes you’re playing.

You can protect your information when you visit sites on your computer or Android device when you choose your permission settings.

Block or allow permissions from a site

Important: When you allow a site to control and reprogram your MIDI devices, this allows permission to send and receive all types of MIDI messages, including possible firmware updates.

  1. On your computer, open Chrome.
  2. Go to a site.
  3. When a site asks for permission to control and reprogram your MIDI devices, in the pop-up menu, you can select:
    • Block: To prevent a site from gaining access to your MIDI devices.
    • Allow: To let a site gain access to your MIDI devices.


  • You can also block or allow all sites to control or reprogram your MIDI devices in the Site settings. Learn how to change settings for all sites.
  • On a site, you can also select View site information Default (Secure) and then Site settings to block or allow the site to control or reprogram your MIDI devices.

Remove permissions from a site in Chrome

You can remove a site's access to your devices. Learn how to change site settings permissions.

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