Get started with Help me write in Chrome

You can get writing suggestions when you write or refine existing text in open text fields on the web with Help me write. It can help you with short-form content like reviews or surveys.


To use this feature, make sure that you:

This feature is only available in English, and on Windows, Mac, and Linux at this time.

Get writing suggestions with Help me write

  1. On your computer, open Chrome.
  2. Go to a website.
  3. Right-click on an open text field.
    • To rewrite existing text, highlight the text you want to rewrite and then right-click on the text.
  4. Select Help me write.
  5. In the “Help me write” box, enter your prompt.
    • The prompt can be a phrase, question, instruction, or sentence that helps you get started writing.
    • If you previously highlighted text from the open text field, this text will get added inside the box for you.
  6. Select Create.
    • To edit responses, try the following:
      • To generate another response, select Retry Reload.
      • To edit your input, select Edit and then Update.
      • To change the length and tone, under the response, select your preferred length and tone.
      • To undo a change to a generated text, select Undo .
  7. Select Insert or Replace.


  • You can rate the writing suggestion. In the “Help me write” box, select Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down .
    • If you select Thumbs Down, you can provide feedback on why the writing suggestion didn’t meet your needs.

Troubleshoot errors with Help me write

Not finding Help me write in the context menu

If you don’t find Help me write in the context menu you may be signed out or have the “Make searches and browsing better” setting disabled. Learn more about the requirements to use Help me write.

To troubleshoot:

  1. On your computer, open Chrome.
  2. Go to chrome://settings/syncSetup.
  3. Confirm that “Make searches and browsing better” is on.
Not enough text

You won’t be able to get writing suggestions if your prompt or phrase is less than 3 words. Input at least 3 words and try again. You can enter things like:

  • a few words that sum up your thoughts
  • a first draft
  • an instruction, “Reply yes to this wedding invite with excitement”
Unsupported language or unintelligible prompts

If the information you enter is an unsupported language or is unintelligible, you’ll get an error message.

Sensitive information

If the information you enter contains sensitive information, you’ll get an error message. Avoid entering personal information (like medical or financial details) or using this tool on sites that contain personal or sensitive information. You can try other requests without including the information.

About Help me write


  • Help me write doesn’t provide medical, legal or financial advice.
  • Do not include personal information like your name, phone, address, social security number, or credit card information to Help me write.
    • If you do input any personal or sensitive information into Help me write, Chrome will not use it for model training purposes.
  • Avoid using this tool on sites that contain personal or sensitive information (like on medical or financial sites).

Help me write is an experimental and creative writing aid that uses Generative AI to help you write more easily and effectively across the web.

Help me write suggestions can be inaccurate or offensive since it’s still in an experimental status. Always review Help me write suggestions before you accept them.

Help me write never submits text for you. When you insert a suggestion, it appears in the text box where you activated the feature. However, you must choose if you want to submit it, edit it, delete it, or simply close the webpage without taking any action.

How your data is used for Help me write

When you use Help me write, your text, the content, and URL of the page you're writing on will be sent to Google. As described in our Google Privacy Policy, this information is used to improve this feature, which includes generative model research and machine learning technologies. This information is also used to offer more contextual writing suggestions. Learn more about our Google Generative AI Prohibited Use Policy.

For example, Google uses your feedback to increase the effectiveness of the safety policies and help address some of the challenges with large language models.

To improve Help me write, Chrome has a review process, which includes human review of data, to help us understand the types of problems that occur.

Generative AI Terms of Service

You agree that your use of Help me write is subject to the Google Terms of Service.

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