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Important: This article is only for users within the EU.

The Digital Markets Act (DMA) is an EU law that took effect on 6 March 2024. As a result of the DMA, in the EU, Google offers you the choice to keep certain Google services linked.

These Google services include:

  • Search
  • YouTube
  • Ad services
  • Google Play
  • Chrome
  • Google Shopping
  • Google Maps

When linked, these services can share your data with each other and with all other Google services for certain purposes. All types of data described in Google's Privacy Policy can be shared across linked Google services. This includes your activity data when you're signed in, such as things that you search for and the videos that you watch and listen to.

You can manage your choices of which services are linked in your Google Account.

Tip: Linking Google services is not about sharing your data with third-party services.

Update your choices about which services to link

  1. Go to your Google Account.
  2. On the left, click Data and privacy.
  3. Under 'Linked Google Services', select Manage linked services.
  4. Select the services that you want linked and select Next.
    • Tip: Any other Google services that aren’t listed are always linked and able to share data with each other for the purposes described in our privacy policy, depending on your privacy settings.
  5. Review your selections and select Confirm and then Done and then Got it.
Tip: You can review and update your choices about which services to link at any time. 

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