Print a page

To print the webpage you're viewing in Chrome, press Ctrl+P (Mac: ⌘-P). You'll be able to preview the page and adjust basic printer and page settings, before printing.

Print Dialog

Here are the print settings you can adjust.

  • Destination: Click Change to choose the printer you want to use.
    • Select Save as PDF under "Local Destinations" to convert the page into a PDF file.
    • Select a printer from "Google Cloud Print" to send the print job to a printer connected to your Google Account. Alternatively, you can select Save to Google Drive to save the print job as a PDF file to your Google Drive.

    With Google Cloud Print, you can still print even if you’re not near your printer. Learn how to connect your printer to Google Cloud Print

  • Pages: Choose the pages you want to print. Select All to print every page or select specific pages to print by entering the page numbers.
  • Copies: If your printer supports making multiple copies, use the + or - buttons to change the number of copies to be printed, or type the number of copies you need in the box.
  • Layout: Choose whether the page content should be printed vertically on the page (portrait orientation) or horizontally (landscape orientation).
  • Color: If you have a color printer, you can choose whether the page should be printed in Color or Black and white.
  • Margins: Adjust the amount of margin space surrounding the page content.
  • Headers and footers: Choose whether to include a default header and footer that display the date, page title, URL, and number of pages printed.
  • Two-sided: Choose this option to print on both sides of the paper if you have a duplex printer.
  • Print using system dialog (except Chrome OS): Use your operating system's print functionality instead of Chrome's functionality to print the page.


  • If you're using a classic printer, make sure the Windows or Mac computer connected to the printer is also turned on and you're logged in to the Windows or Mac user account that was used to set up Google Cloud Print.
  • If the printer can’t be reached (e.g. the printer or computer is turned off), your print job will be saved online in Google Cloud Print. Once Google Cloud Print is able to reach your printer, your request will automatically print.
  • If you have many printers, use the search box to find the printer you'd like to use quickly.