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You can print from Chrome on your computer or mobile device.

Print on a computer

To print the webpage you're viewing in Chrome, press Ctrl+P (Mac: ⌘-P).

A window will open with print setting options. To learn about each setting, open the section below.

Adjustable print settings

When you open the Print window, you'll see these settings on the left-hand side:

Destination Choose a printer
  1. Click Change to choose the printer you want to use.
  2. Choose a printer or action from one of the following sections:
    • Recent Destinations: Use a recently used printer.
    • Local Destinations: Use a nearby printer.
    • Google Cloud Print: Send the print job to a printer connected to your Google Account.

Save as a PDF

  1. Click Change.
  2. Under "Local Destinations," select Save as PDF.
Pages To print every page, select All. To print specific pages, enter the page numbers in the text box.
Copies Use the + or - buttons to change the number of copies to be printed. Or type the number of copies you need in the box.
Layout Choose whether the page content should be printed vertically on the page (portrait) or horizontally (landscape).
Color If you have a color printer, you can choose whether the page should be printed in Color or Black and white.
Options Some printers may give you the option to print two-sided.
Print using system dialog Use your operating system's print functionality instead of Chrome's functionality to print the page. Note: This setting does not apply to Chrome OS.

More settings

At the bottom of the Print window, click More settings to see these additional setting options:

Print from a mobile device

The following information applies to Chrome for Android 4.4 (Kit Kat) and iOS only.

To print from an Android device you'll need Google Cloud Print, or a printing app on Android 4.4 (KitKat) devices. To print from an iPhone or iPad, you'll need Google Cloud Print or Air Print.

  1. Go to the page that you want to print.
  2. Touch the Chrome menu.
  3. Touch Print.
  4. Choose a print service.
Margins Adjust the amount of margin space surrounding the page content.
Quality Some printers may offer DPI or quality selections.
Paper Size Select size of the paper you want to print on.
Options Check the box for these print options:
  • Headers and footers: Include a default header and footer that display the date, page title, URL, and number of pages printed.
  • Two-sided: Print on both sides of the paper (if you have a duplex printer).
  • Background graphics: Print background images.

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