WebGL and 3D graphics

Google Chrome supports WebGL technology to deliver hardware-accelerated 3D graphics. With it, you can experience rich 3D content inside Google Chrome without installing additional software.

If you’re curious to find out what 3D graphics can look like using WebGL, try out these demos. To learn more about WebGL, check out the Chromium Blog.

Supported operating systems

  • Windows Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8 (Windows 7 or later recommended)
  • Mac OS 10.6 or later (10.8 or later recommended)
  • Linux
  • Chrome OS

Graphics cards

WebGL is available in Chrome on most recent graphics cards and drivers. However, in some cases certain features or all of WebGL isn't available. Learn more about the latest list of supported configurations in the Khronos WebGL wiki

Troubleshooting tips

  1. Ensure that you’re using a supported operating system version.
  2. Ensure thatyou’re not using an unsupported graphics card (check the Khronos wiki for a list of supported cards).
  3. Check to see if WebGL is enabled by navigating to chrome://gpu/  in your Chrome browser.
    • If WebGL is unavailable, check the "Problems Detected" section for information on why WebGL might be disabled.
    • If the "Problems Detected" section cites an issue with your graphics driver, ensure your graphics card driver and OS system is up to date.
  4. Check if you are using the latest version of Google Chrome by going to About Google Chrome.
Still having problems? Let us know in the help forum. In particular, tell us if disabling hardware acceleration fixes your issue. (Go to the Chrome menu > Settings > Show advanced settings > "System" > unselect "Use hardware acceleration when available".)