Customise Chrome with extensions

You can add extra tools and features to Chrome with extensions. Check out extensions that are available in the Chrome Web Store.

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Ways to personalise Chrome

Here are just a few examples of things that you can do with extensions:

  • Get bonus information about a page. Extensions can enhance the page that you’re on with relevant links and information. For instance, you can highlight an address on a web page to get instant directions and map links.
  • Get timely notifications. Some extensions add buttons next to the address bar to let you know about certain events. For instance, use Google Mail Checker to get alerts about new emails.
  • Do things with fewer clicks. Some extensions act like shortcuts. For example, if you use a feed reader, the RSS Subscription Extension lets you know if there's a feed for the site that you're on.

For more information about the Chrome Web Store, visit the Chrome Web Store Help Centre.

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