Chrome Actions

Chrome Actions are a fast and simple way to modify settings or use features from Chrome’s address bar. To perform Chrome Actions, enter your desired task in the address bar.
Action Trigger word example Task

Clear browsing data

  • ‘Delete history’
  • ‘Clear cache’
  • ‘Wipe cookies’
  • ‘Delete Chrome cookies’

In the Settings menu, click Clear browsing data.

Manage passwords

  • ‘Edit passwords’
  • ‘Change password’
  • ‘Update credentials’

In the Settings menu, click Passwords.

Manage payment methods

  • ‘Edit credit card’
  • ‘Update card info’
  • ‘Manage payment methods’

In the Settings menu, click Payment methods.

Open incognito window

  • ‘Incognito’
  • ‘Launch private tab’
  • ‘Open private window’

Open a new incognito window.

Translate page

  • ‘Change language page’
  • ‘Translate this page’
  • ‘Translate web page’

Show Translate page popover.

Update Chrome

  • ‘Update browser’
  • ‘Upgrade Google Chrome’
  • ‘Chrome updates’

In the Settings menu, click About Chrome.

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