Use Chrome Actions to quickly complete tasks

You can use Chrome actions to modify settings or use features from Chrome’s address bar.
To perform Chrome actions:
  1. In the address bar, enter the task that you want.
  2. When the action chip appears under the search bar, click it.
Action Trigger word examples Task


Create doc

  • 'Create Google doc'
  • 'Open Google Workspace document'
  • 'Make Google Workspace doc'

Create and open a new Google Doc.

Create event

  • 'Create Google cal invite'
  • 'New Google calendar invite'
  • 'Schedule Google invite'

Create and open a new Google Calendar event.

Create form

  • 'Start Google survey'
  • 'New Google Workspace form'
  • 'Make new Google Workspace form'

Create and open a new Google Form.

Create note

  • 'New Google note'
  • 'Create Google Workspace note'
  • 'Start Google Workspace note'

Create and open a new note in Google Keep.

Create presentation

  • 'Create Google Workspace deck'
  • 'New Google presentation'
  • 'Start Google preso'

Create and open a new Google Slides presentation.

Create sheet

  • 'Start Google Chrome sheet'
  • 'Create Google Workspace spreadsheet'
  • 'New Google Workspace spreadsheet'

Create and open a new Google Sheet.

Create site

  • 'Create Google site'
  • 'Make Google Workspace website'
  • 'Start Google Workspace site'

Create and open a new Google Site.

Manage downloads

  • 'View chrome downloads'
  • 'Change browser downloads'
  • 'Control Chrome browser downloads'

View, find and delete your downloads.

Find Chrome tips

  • 'New Google Chrome features'
  • 'Learn Google Chrome features'
  • 'Chrome features'

Open page with tips and shortcuts for better browsing.

Share this tab

  • 'Share this page'
  • 'Share link'
  • 'Cast this page'

Choose how or where you'd like to share a page.

Translate page

  • ‘Change language page’
  • ‘Translate this page’
  • 'Translate web page'

Display 'Translate page' popover.

Update Chrome

  • ‘Update browser’
  • ‘Upgrade Google Chrome’
  • ‘Chrome updates’

Open the 'About Chrome' page from 'Settings'.


Change Google password

  • 'Change Gmail password'
  • 'Reset Gmail password'
  • 'Change my Gmail password'

Confirm and change your password.

Clear browsing data

  • clear browser cache
  • ‘Clear cache’
  • ‘Wipe cookies’
  • ‘Delete Chrome cookies’

Open the 'Clear browsing data' page from 'Settings'.

Close all incognito windows

  • 'Close incognito mode'
  • 'End incognito window'
  • 'Clear incognito'

Close all open incognito windows.

Manage cookies

  • 'Block all cookies'
  • 'Manage cookies'
  • 'Allow all cookies'

Open the 'Cookies and other site data' page from 'Settings'.

Manage Google Account privacy settings

  • 'Google privacy'
  • 'Edit my privacy on Google'
  • 'Change Google privacy settings'

Review and change your privacy settings.

Manage passwords

  • manage chrome passwords
  • view password in chrome
  • view password in chrome
  • manage chrome passwords

Open the 'Passwords' page from 'Settings'.

Manage payment methods

  • update credit card
  • update credit card
  • manage payment methods

Open the 'Payment methods' page from 'Settings'.

Manage security settings

  • 'Browse safely'
  • 'Manage security keys'
  • 'Change certificates'

Open the 'Security' page from 'Settings'.

Open incognito window

  • enter incognito mode
  • ‘Launch private tab’
  • ‘Open private window’

Open a new incognito window.

Run Chrome safety check

  • run safety check
  • run chrome safety check
  • 'Use password checkup'
  • 'Run security checkup'

Open the 'Safety check' page from 'Settings'.

View your Chrome history

  • see chrome history
  • see chrome history
  • view browsing history

Check and delete your browsing history.


Customise Chrome

  • 'Change chrome colours'
  • 'Manage Chrome themes'
  • 'Customise Chrome backgrounds'

Customise your Chrome homepage and 'New tab' page.

Customise fonts

  • 'Edit browser fonts'
  • 'Control browser font'
  • 'Control my Chrome fonts'

View and change your font settings.

Find your phone

  • 'Find My Phone'
  • 'Where is my phone'
  • 'Help me find my phone'

Go to your 'Find your device' page.

Manage accessibility settings

  • 'Customise accessibility settings'
  • 'Edit low vision settings'
  • 'View caption settings'
  • 'Control assistive technology'

View and change your accessibility settings.

Manage addresses

  • 'Edit addresses'
  • 'Add address'
  • 'Change delivery address'

Open the 'Addresses and more' page in 'Settings'.

Manage Google Account

  • 'Manage my Google Account'
  • 'Fix Google Account'
  • 'Control my Google Account'


Manage search engines

  • 'Control Custom Search Engines'
  • 'Edit tab to search'
  • 'Modify site search engines'
  • 'Control custom search'

Edit your Custom Search Engine preferences.

Manage settings

  • 'Modify Chrome settings'
  • '“Change browser settings'
  • 'Revise settings'

Review and change your Chrome settings.

Manage site settings

  • 'Control site settings'
  • 'Adjust site permissions'
  • 'Change permissions'

Open the 'Site settings' page from 'Settings'.

Manage sync

  • 'Edit sync'
  • 'Change Chrome Sync'
  • 'Manage sync'

Open the 'Advanced' page in 'Settings'.


Play Chrome Dino game

  • 'Chrome Dino'
  • 'Play Chrome dinosaur'
  • 'Play Chrome Dino'

Play a game.


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