Use Chrome Actions to quickly complete tasks

You can use Chrome actions to modify settings or use features from Chrome’s address bar.
To do Chrome Actions:
  1. In the address bar, enter the task you want.
  2. When the Action chip appears under the search bar, tap it.
Action Trigger word examples Task


Clear browsing data
  • “Clear data”
  • “Delete history”
Open the “Clear browsing data” page in “Settings.”
Manage passwords
  • “Passwords”
  • “Manage passwords”
Open the “Passwords” page in “Settings.”
Manage payment methods
  • “Manage payment methods”
  • “Edit credit cards”
Open the “Payment Methods” page in “Settings.”
Open Incognito tab
  • “Incognito”
  • “Open incognito”
Open a new Incognito tab.
Run Chrome Safety Check
  • “Safety check”
  • “Run safety check”
Open the “Safety Check” in “Settings.”
View your Chrome history
  • “Chrome history”
  • “Visit history”
Open your browsing history.


Manage site settings
  • “Change site permissions”
  • “Control site settings”
Open the “Site settings” page in “Settings.”
Manage Chrome settings
  • “Chrome settings”
  • “Visit settings”
Open the “Settings” page.
Manage accessibility settings
  • “Chrome accessibility”
  • “Change accessibility settings”
Open the “Accessibility” page in “Settings.”


Play Chrome Dino game
  • “Dino game”
  • “Play dino”
Open "Chrome://dino."
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