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Last edited 11/15/19
* VM hosted on ESXi
* Windows Server 2012R2 (v6.3 build 9600) with patches current to Oct 2019
* Server is running remote desktop services
* Server is part of a Windows domain
* Domain is using Google provided group policy templates
* User count on the server is about 20
* Chrome version 78.0.3904.97 (stable)
* Antivirus in use: Trendmicro Serverprotect

Problem description:
Our users, at seemingly random intervals, experience their tabs going completely white and becoming non responsive. The portion of the tab that fails is only the rendering portion of the rendering pane. When the issue occurs, the display pane for the tab goes completely white. This is the case even if the site in the tab has been completely loaded. The browser its self does stay active. While all functions are operational above the display pane, the pane its self is completely unresponsive to input. As an example, with a tab experiencing the issue in focus, pressing F12 to access developer tools does nothing. With the same tab in focus, you can use the chrome browser menu to invoke the developer tools and they will be displayed as expected. Another example is right clicks or keyboard input into the failed pane is non responsive. Issuing input to the browser, such as reloading the pane or opening a new tab, gets the expected result. An immediate fix to the failed tabs can be to restart the browser, however, after a significant wait, they will regain functionality. Our timing puts the wait at somewhere around 15 minutes. Also, as a note, when using procmon to inspect the PIDs of the failed tabs, we can see the constant creation and termination of threads. Those threads however, seem to do nothing.

Attempted Solutions:
* disabling hardware acceleration: no change
* disabling 3d graphics apis: no change
* disabling antivirus: no change
* running chrome with administrative privilege: no change
* clearing chrome cache: no change
* server reboot: no change
* firewall reboot: no change


I'd say its safe to say we are running out of ideas here. As a last resort we may try a re-install of Chrome, but I am wary of causing our users to lose settings, bookmarks, passwords and such. At this point I'm even wondering if a downgrade is possible. If anyone has any insight, we could use some help.


Edit: 11/14/2019
Thanks to the input from many sysadmins we have more info and possible workarounds. I'll list them below.

* Most effective workaround thus far: Turn off Occlusion in chrome://flags. Unfortunately this can not be set via GPO.

* Replicating the problem: We can successfully recreate the issue by having two users on the same RDS server running chrome with multiple tabs. User 1 issues a force lock of their session via Win+L. User 2 then experiences their tabs becoming hung / locked.

* When a user experiences the problem, minimizing chrome and then bringing it back into focus will make the website content visible again, however, in our experience, tab functionality is not restored.

* Command line arguments: some arguments disabling chrome features have been discussed. We have not tried any of those yet.

* For admins with larger networks it has been reported that this command line argument may help as opposed to setting the Occlusion off in flags. --disable-backgrounding-occluded-windows. We have not tested this though.

Hope this helps out our fellow admins. Good luck.

Edit: 11/14/2019
* Link to the bug report on the chromium project: https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=1024837
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We have an identical issue. Server 2012R2, Chrome 78.0.3904.97. RDS Server with 100 users.
Issue is as described above.
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We're noticing this also - only in our 2016 Citrix farms - The Win 10 PCs are all in the clear (somehow??)

My hunch is based on the Varitaions that are reported in chrome://Version (or maybe the application OF these variations?).  https://cloud.google.com/docs/chrome-enterprise/policies/?policy=ComponentUpdatesEnabled is looking more than interesting!

There's something I found in the Brave development threads where they discussed killing the service that performs this, but apparently it only occurrs in official Google compiles of Chrome.
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We have the same issue here. server 2008r2 xenapp 6.5 .
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I was typing a reply and the my chrome (77) session on Citrix hung !

we run Server 2016 , patched to september with Citrix on esx and have been investigating for the last day or so. we have different anivirus 
I assume you would have mentioned Citrix if you were running on top of RDS 

it is looking like a presentation layer problem with Chrome or something that is downloads after starting into the local appdata google folder 

i have noticed that the version of pepperflash gets updated to but non of the pages i am running are flash pages 

We have found that if you reset/rename/delete %appdata%\google and %localappdata%\google then it appears to work until you close Chrome and reopen it.

we have looks at the chrome://discards pages but they will say loaded, 

pressing F5 displays the pages reloading in bottom left corner  but the window remains white, nothing is displays in the window pane.

we initially looked at chrome://flags/#proactive-tab-freeze-and-discard and found disabling that had some benefits, but it still appears to come back.
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