Create a deployment package (Mac)

To install Chrome Browser on Mac® devices in your organization, you create and deploy a custom installation package using your chosen MDM tool.

To ensure that you can control Chrome Browser updates, the package must contain both the Chrome Browser and Google Software Update Agent installed at the machine level.

Step 1: Create the install package

Perform the following steps on a test machine:

  1. In your deployment tool, start a recording to create a new installation package.
    (Refer to your tool’s documentation for instructions on recording a package.) Install Chrome Browser.
  2. Launch Chrome.
  3. Click the prompt to set up Chrome updates and sign in as an administrator.
    Chrome will begin installing Google Software Update Agent, register itself for automatic updates, and update Google Software Update Agent.
  4. Choose an option:
    • Wait 5 to 10 minutes for Google Software Update Agent to finish configuring and updating itself.
    • Open your Activity Monitor and wait until Google Software Update Agent disappears.
  5. Go to chrome://settings/help.
  6. Set up automatic updates for all users.
  7. Exit Chrome.
  8. In your deployment tool, stop recording and create the new installation package source.
    Because this package contains both the browser and the updater, it’s suitable for installing on a machine without Chrome Browser.

Step 2: Deploy the package to your users

  1. Use your preferred deployment tool to deploy the package to your Mac devices.
  2. Tell your users to restart their devices.
    This ensures that automatic updates are enabled for their devices.

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