Set up Chrome Browser Cloud Management

Chrome Browser Cloud Management

  • Manage Chrome Browser from a single, cloud-based Admin console, across all your Microsoft® Windows®, Apple® Mac®, and Linux® devices.

  • Enforce 100+ Chrome policies for all users who open Chrome Browser on a managed device. These are the same policies that can be managed with on-premise tools like Windows Group Policy.

    Users don't have to sign in or have Google Accounts to receive policies.

  • Block suspicious extensions across your organization and do other common IT tasks.
  • View reports on Chrome Browsers deployed across your organization, including each browser's current version, installed apps and extensions, and enforced policies.

Setup steps

  1. Sign up for Chrome Browser Cloud Management
  2. Enroll cloud-managed Chrome Browsers
  3. Set policies for enrolled browsers
  4. Enable Chrome Browser reporting

Start setup now


  • Chrome Browser version 73 or later
  • Windows, Mac, or Linux computers

    Doesn't support managing browsers on Android or iOS.

Support options

  • G Suite customers who currently receive phone and email support can get support for Chrome Browser Cloud Management at no extra cost.
  • Customers who sign up for a Google provided domain ( can get support by purchasing Chrome Browser Enterprise Support.
  • All customers can use the the Chrome help forum.
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