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Chrome Browser quick start (Linux)

4. Deploy and test

There are many tools and utilities that you can use to deploy Chrome Browser and your configuration policies to devices on your network. The following steps are only a guideline. The exact steps depend on which tools you use.

Step 1: Test your installation

Before deploying Chrome Browser policies to your entire organization, it’s best to test your policies with a small group.

For each scenario or type of policy setup you want to deploy:

  1. On each computer in your test group, set up your configuration folders (details below).
  2. Push Chrome Browser and your configuration files to the test group (details below).
  3. On each computer, go to chrome://policy.
  4. Verify that the correct policies are in effect.

Step 2: Set up configuration folders

On each user device, you’ll need 2 folders, one for required policies and one for recommended policies.

  1. If they do not already exist, create these directories:
    >mkdir /etc/opt/chrome/policies
    >mkdir /etc/opt/chrome/policies/managed
    >mkdir /etc/opt/chrome/policies/recommended
  2. Enter chmod -w /etc/opt/chrome/policies/managed to make sure that only admins can write files in the /managed directory. Otherwise, users could overwrite your policies.

Step 3: Push files to user devices

Use your preferred method (utility or script) to push your policies and Chrome Browser to target machines in your network.

  1. Push the managed_policies.json file (required policy settings) to the /etc/opt/chrome/policies/managed/ directory on all Linux devices in your network.
  2. (Optional) Push the recommended_policies.json file to the /etc/opt/chrome/policies/recommended/ directory on all Linux devices in your network.
  3. Confirm that the files are in the correct directories on all the target machines.
  4. Push Chrome Browser to all user devices in your network.

When a user on a target machine runs Chrome Browser, the policies you copied to the machines will be implemented.

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