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Chrome Browser quick start (Mac)

4. Deploy and test

There are many mobile device management (MDM) tools that you can use to deploy your configuration settings (for example, Profile Manager®, Jamf Pro®, or AirWatch®). And, there are many software distribution tools that you can use to install Chrome Browser on your devices. The following steps are only a guideline. The exact steps depend on which tools you use.

Step 1: Test your Installation

Before deploying Chrome Browser policies to your entire organization, it’s best to test your policies with a small group.

For each scenario or type of policy setup you want to deploy:

  1. On a test group of computers, deploy the Chrome Disk Image (.dmg) file. For more information, see Deploy Chrome Browser and policies to your users (below).
  2. On each computer, go to chrome://policy.
  3. Verify that the correct policies are in effect.

Step 2: Deploy Chrome Browser and policies to your users

  1. Use the Chrome Disk Image (.dmg file) and your preferred software distribution tool to deploy Chrome Browser on your managed computers.
  2. Upload the file that you created to your preferred MDM tool. This configuration profile contains all the preferences you want to manage.
  3. Deploy your configuration profile to ensure that all your Mac computers have the same managed settings.

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