User experience policies

For administrators who manage Chrome Browser or Chrome devices for a business or school.

Here are just some of the policies you can use to customize your Chrome users' browsing experience.

Just getting started? See Understand Chrome policy management.

Chrome user experience policies

Review policies below. Then click links for more details and to enforce them from your preferred platform.

Show Home page button

Enable this policy to show the Home button on the toolbar of Chrome Browsers or Chrome devices. Clicking the Home button opens your default homepage (see below).

Enforce from:

Policy details for Windows/Mac/Linux: ShowHomeButton

Set a default homepage

Enable this policy to set the homepage that opens when users click the Home button in either Chrome Browser or on Chrome devices.

Sample value:

Enforce from:

Policy details for Windows/Mac/Linux: HomePageLocation

Open new tabs to homepage URL

Enable this policy to open new tabs to a page you specify, such as your homepage.

Enforce from:

Policy details for Windows/Mac/Linux: NewTabPageLocation

Set default search engine to Google

Enable these policies to use as the search provider when users type in the address bar at the top of any Chrome window. 

Enforce from:

Policy details for Windows/Mac/Linux: Default search provider 

Customize Chrome OS device wallpaper

Applies only for Chromebooks and other devices that run Chrome OS.

Upload a custom image to use as the background on users' sign-in screen and desktop.

Enforce from:

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